Aug 25, 2016

Closet Clean-Up

I am an all or nothing kind of person. My house is either spotless or a disaster. There is no in between {this same quality has transferred over to my eating and work out habits as well but that's a whole other blog post}. I use the master closet in our bedroom and Stephen and I each have our own separate bedrooms. Stephen uses that closet for his clothes and I use my second closet for purses, scarves, belts, etc. The master closet is filled with all of my clothes and shoes. Mostly because I get ready in the mornings in my second bedroom. Stephen is usually still sleeping so I don't like to keep going in and out of our bedroom to grab stuff. A lot of it ends up thrown in my second room. Basically, after a few weeks it becomes an absolute mess. Below was what my main closet looked like on Sunday afternoon before I cleaned it. 

These are all clothes that I brought in from my second bedroom and threw on our bed so I could organize them.

It's not a huge master closet. I can't imagine sharing it with Stephen. But at the same time, because it's smaller, I should be able to keep it clean.

The shoes didn't look so bad. The boxes were just scattered all over.

I felt like Cher as I searched, discovered, folded, hung up and organized all of my clothes.

After just an hour or two of sorting and cleaning, my closet looked much better.

My shirts are color coordinated in two sections. On the left are my fancier and work shirts. On the right are my t-shirts and workout tops.

I keep dresses, longer sweaters, longer shirts and skirts hanging from the highest bar. Oh, and my wedding dress. I need to get that preserved.

I try to keep my shoes in boxes. I write a brief description of the shoe on the outside of the box so I know which one I'm grabbing. Eventually I'd like to get clear boxes for all of them but I'm not ready to invest in those yet. My tennis shoes are in my second closet. {I just noticed this photo make it look like the bottom shelf is tilted but I think it's just the angle I took the photo.}

This area is always clean. Nothing really changes about this corner. My bedroom {before Stephen and I moved in together} used to have a lot of green in it. I kept a few of those pieces and now they add a little color to my closet.

I ended up not getting rid of anything during this clean up. Because I'm kind of in between sizes right now, it's not a good time to part with any of my clothes. 

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Aug 22, 2016

Doggies, Drinks and a Wedding

When we adopted Jax, he came with a free Vet checkup so I took advantage of that on Friday afternoon. Vader was so sad when we left him home alone. I was actually worried he would run away but thankfully he didn't. Jax was such a good boy. He was so calm and sat quietly with me while we waiting for the doctor to come in. He's soooo photogenic.

Friday evening Suzanne and I went to the mall to do a little shopping and afterwards we had margaritas and dinner at a local Mexican restaurant. We will definitely be going back. The margaritas were delicious and one was way more than enough for each of us.

Suzanne was back at my door at 7am on Saturday morning. We went down to Old Town and walked for a while, went to the farmers market and grabbed coffee. I had been awake at 4am because of the dogs {mostly Vader} so I needed coffee. We went to a Cuban restaurant so Suzanne could eat. I had already eaten at home so I sipped on coffee and chatted with her.

Then we went over to The Press {our new favorite coffee shop} at 8:30 when it opened. I had their butterscotch cold brew which is my new favorite. I don't normally even like cold brew but theirs is so good! I ended up going back to The Press in the afternoon to grab Stephen an iced honey lavender latte when he got home from work. Since I was there I grabbed myself a dopio over ice and added protein to it when I got home. 

We had a wedding to attend Saturday evening so we both got fancy and headed out. I'm probably going to have to frame this one. We ended up matching and my hair also coordinates with the orange in his shirt. 

The bride and her parents. 

The bride was my good friend's younger sister. I have mentioned Marissa before on my blog, I'm sure. Her and I met when I was two and she was one. We grew up next door to each other and we have remained friends all these years. Below is a photo - the only one I've ever been able to get - of all of her siblings. I remember each of them as babies and I've been able to watch them grow. I love this family dearly.

And us with our hubbies. Two of the greatest guys I know! Ris and I are truly blessed. By the way, she's preggers!!!

We did a sparkler send off for the bride and groom. One of the most terrifying moments of my life, I'm not going to lie.

As their guest book, they had us each write something we thought the bride and groom should add to their bucket list. This is what I wrote...

Stephen and I did grocery shopping and worked on chores yesterday. I cleaned my closet. More on the tomorrow. And of course, we hung out with our babies.

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Aug 15, 2016

The Story of Jaxon Meyer

We've been talking about getting a second dog for a while now. Vader seemed lonely at times and we thought it would be best to get him a buddy. I've been looking on, the same site we found Vader on, for a few weeks now. Friday afternoon I was searching the site and I came across Jax. It said he had just been listed that day so I called the shelter. It was 3:26 and they closed at 3. There was an email address so I emailed them as well.

Below is the listing that I had seen for Jax. He is a Boxer mixed with American Bulldog {Stephen's two favorite breeds}. It said he was a very sweet boy who didn't bark and got along with everyone. I was surprised when I got a response back from one of the volunteers at the shelter. She let me know Jax was still available and he was in kennel 54. I let her know we'd be there the next morning at opening time. The three of us went to the shelter and we were there before the kennels opened. I snapped one last photo of just the three of us. I had a pretty good feeling that our family would grow by four paws that day. My mother-in-law lives near the shelter so she met us there. She was also there when I met Vader for the first time. 

We let Vader and Jax meet and run around in the dog park at the shelter for a little while before making a final decision. While they ran around together, the shelter employee let us know that he was a stray who was brought in with his mom and brother. When they contacted their original owners they told them they couldn't keep them any longer. Jax's mom and brother were both in isolation when we were there. I felt really bad for taking him away from his mom and brother. I pray they go to good homes as well. 

Jax and Vader seemed to get along just fine so I went in to fill out paperwork while Stephen stayed outside with Vader. We were able to take Jax home within 20 minutes. On the drive home, I drove and Jax sat next to me in the front seat. Stephen and Vader sat in the back. They were both very good boys. We were just a little worried to leave them both alone in the back seat for the 40 minute drive home. 

When we got home we let the two of them run around together so Jax could get used to his new home and yard. I could tell right away that Vader was so excited to have a buddy. He hung out outside a little longer than usual. He wasn't in a huge hurry to come back inside with mom and dad. And he just seemed overall happier that he had a friend with him. Stephen gave them both baths right away and the first thing Jax did was run inside and roll all over the couch. He made himself right at home. 

This is how it is now. If we are giving one of them attention, we have to give the other one attention as well.

I'm hoping it's just because he has been a stray for a little while and in a shelter but Jax loves to steal Vader's food. They each have their own bowl and we've been putting their food on separate sides of the room but Jax will still sneak over and try to eat Vader's food after he finishes his. I think Vader is figuring out that he needs to stand up for himself though. I gave them each a treat yesterday. Vader took his to the kitchen to eat. A few seconds later Jax made his way in there to try and snatch Vader's and Vader barked at him.

Other than that, they've been completely fine together. They even wrestled a little yesterday. 

Vader is learning to share his spaces. He went from having two beds to now having to share both. They switch spots all the time. And his spot on the rug is now having to be shared.

Jax's name from his original owner was spelled Jaxs. I thought about changing his name all together but we found out he is estimated to be five years old. So rather than changing his name, I dropped the s and added on - Jaxon Meyer. He responds to Jax so we will rarely call him Jaxon but I decided to name him after Michael Jackson. So now we have Vader after one of Stephen's favorites and Jaxon after one of mine. 

Jax is very calm. He doesn't jump up every time I move like Vader does. We're hoping he'll help Vader mellow out a bit. So far he seems like a very good boy. Stephen and I have been very lucky with the dogs we've brought home. 

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Aug 8, 2016

Running Around Town on The Whole 30

I worked out with my trainer on Thursday night, like I do every Thursday night. We did legs and I think he actually took it easy on me because it wasn't that bad. {I probably shouldn't even put that out there though because now he's going to kill me during our next workout.} I definitely felt it the next morning though. I came home after my workout and made cashew pork with garlic and added avocado on top. I ate bell peppers on the side. Tater REALLY wanted some.

On Friday I was certain that I was going to be exhausted and need a nap at some point in the day. I was prepared to go home and sleep.

Breakfast was leftovers at my desk. Cashew pork with garlic and avocado on top. So good and extremely filling! I actually wasn't even hungry for lunch when 2 o'clock rolled around.

I made it through the day without a nap. I made a pizza and salad for dinner for Stephen and I ate some Trader Joe's Grass Fed Beef Sirloin Roast. I buy this stuff weekly, whether I'm on the Whole 30 or not. It's so convenient and the ingredients are only Grass Fed Beef Sirloin Roast, salt and pepper. It's delicious with eggs for breakfast too!

My friend, Suzie, came over bright and early on Saturday morning. She was at my door at 7am. We got in a couple miles around the nearby lake and then we went to the farmers market here in town. She ate mini donuts in front of me for breakfast. I only smelled them.

We discovered a new coffee shop in town called The Press Espresso. Locally owned by a husband and wife. The decor was very impressive and the coffee was delicious. They actually have a Thai coconut milk latte. I asked for no vanilla syrup and the owner told me, "We make our vanilla here." I said,"I'd love to try it but I'm doing the Whole 30." He said, "Oh! Got it!" He knew exactly what I was talking about. I'll definitely be going back there because I saw a drink I know my husband will love to try.

I had lunch with another friend of mine who was passing through town. We had lunch at Burger Lounge and I ordered a bunless burger. It was really good! We forgot to snap a photo. This is is something we do often because we're always having way too much fun together. 

I met up with my husband and my mother-in-law at the mall after that. We walked around and then they wanted to eat a snack. My mother-in-law got Hot Dog on a Stick. So I was tempted by donuts and Hot Dog on a Stick. Luckily I did not cave in. My husband wanted Mexican food for dinner so I ordered a side of carne asada and I threw it on top of a baked potato with avocado and bacon. It was really good! It would be really good with salsa, if you like salsa. I'm not a huge fan of it. 

Saturday was quite the productive day. My husband and I relaxed in the evening and watched two scary movies on Netflix. I highly recommend The Honeymoon.

Sunday morning was for running errands and grabbing groceries for the week. I like to get done before everyone else wakes up so I grabbed an RX Bar when I was heading out the door. We spent the afternoon working on some chores and I caught up on my planner. #priorities 

We had a birthday party to go to yesterday evening and I didn't eat one thing. We cooked dinner when we got home and watched one more scary movie - Hush. So good! My brother recommended it to us and now I need a back up cell phone. 

I hope ya'll have a great week! 

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