Aug 30, 2013

After much thought and consideration, I went ahead and joined Weight Watchers. I opted for the membership that includes weekly meetings mainly because I need the accountability of weighing in in front of someone each week. I haven't actually stayed for a meeting yet because of my busy schedule but I have ran into the center to weigh in real quick. I think this will be best for me and if I ever have time I will definitely stay for a meeting. I know it would only help my journey.

I lost 5.4 pounds during my first week. I was not expecting that and I was thrilled! I'm hoping for a 1 pound loss on week two. I am not in any hurry to lose weight and I know that the faster you lose weight the faster it comes back so I'm hoping for the opposite.

I have a couple goals that I have set for myself.

1: Track everything every day. So far I've been doing really well with this. I truely believe that I am most successful when I keep track of everything I consume. I try to remind myself- What you eat in private, you wear in public. I love that saying! I saw it for the first time on Pinterest.

2: Get into my size 10 bridesmaid dress for my brother's wedding on November 9th. I am usually a size 10 in dresses but the material on this particular dress is not stretchy at all. I fit into a 12 but it looked a little frumpy and obviously I do not want to look frumpy on my brother's wedding day. So I decided to buy a size down and work my way into it. I am confident I can lose a dress size in two months.

3: Finish my half marathon on October 20th. I have said a few times in the last few months that I wish I would have never ever registered for a half marathon. The training is very intense and my schedule is jam packed. I honestly don't have time to run five days a week. I keep trying to make it a priority but it keeps getting put on the back burners. I have told myself to not stress about it. This is supposed to be a fun adventure. I just want to finish.

I think that's it. I am really just trying to focus on being healthier and feeling my best. I would like to start incorporating yoga at some point but I'll focus on that at another time. Between work, commuting to and from work, trying to get runs in, trying to keep my apartment clean and giving plenty of love and attention to my boyfriend, I barely have time to breathe. I'm not ready to add anything else to my schedule just yet.

PS- I gave up aspartame about three weeks ago (this was HUGE for me, by the way) and since then I haven't really had any headaches. I used to have a headache at least five days a week. I consider this a wonderful thing for my health. Maybe soon I'll write about how dependent on aspartame I used to be.

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