Feb 17, 2014

I have so much to share with ya'll. Let's see, where do I begin? I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day filled with lots of love! I had to work all day but my boyfriend was off and he surprised me at work with flowers and lunch! What a guy!!!

The day before Valentine's Day I was having really bad chest pain and I was coughing quite frequently. I've actually had a dry cough for a few weeks now but it wasn't painful until Thursday. I was diagnosed with asthma last year and when I eliminated dairy from my diet all of my symptoms went away. I thought I had cured myself. I will be honest, I definitely ate dairy over the holidays and going into January. Holiday 
pastries, whey protein powder, Quest bars, frozen yogurt, etc. When I felt this cough coming on a few weeks ago I cut out dairy again completely. I have no idea why I developed asthma in my twenties but I do know that I don't want to rely on medication and I don't want to have to use an inhaler twice a day.

I did some research and I found an amazing article at 
naturalnews.com. You can read it here if you're interested. What really got my attention was, "An anti-inflammatory diet and lifestyle are critical for full recovery from these conditions." I have made the decision to go on an anti-inflammatory diet to see if my symptoms get any better. (I will definitely be having cake on my birthday though!)

I started today. Like I said earlier, I haven't had dairy in a few weeks, and today I eliminated gluten and soy. We'll see how this goes. I love food! But I love feeling healthy so much more. I will keep you all updated on how I'm feeling.

Now onto the fun part!!! My boyfriend and I went shooting yesterday with his best friend and his wife. We went to an indoor range and we really enjoyed ourselves. I was a little nervous at first. The environment was A LOT louder than I was expecting and the gun that my boyfriend rented for me was a lot heavier than I was expecting so overall, I had a lot of getting used to to do. After the first few rounds I was fine and I ended up shooting with four different guns. What were they called? Um...I don't know. The one I asked to rent looked the most western to me so I was drawn to it. 

It's always nice when Stephen and his best friend get together. I love seeing them interact with each other. And his wife is great and I really enjoy spending time with her. We had a late lunch afterwards and talked. It was a really nice afternoon.

Today, my boyfriend showed me how to make pesto! He has been making a vegan version for me since June and I always ask him how he makes it and he tells me, "Oh, a little of this and a little of that." He really doesn't have a recipe for it. He just adds ingredients until he likes the flavor. Today, I made the pesto under his guidance. And it turned out delicious if I do say so myself!

We had chicken breast with vegan pesto, peas and polenta fries (which my boyfriend made) for dinner. Yummy!

And for dessert I tried a new recipe from Pinterest: Banana coconut chia pudding. There were only four ingredients and it was so easy to make.

1 ripe banana
1/4 cup coconut milk
2 tablespoons chia seeds
Dash of vanilla extract

I tripled my recipe tonight so that I could have some for the next couple of days.

Mix up the banana and the coconut milk in the food processor. Add vanilla extract and mix again. Pour into storage bowl and add chia seeds. Stir them in. This first photo is what it looked like right after it was prepared.

This is what it looked like after about an hour of storing it in the fridge. Coloring changed a bit. Must be from the bananas browning and the chia seeds expanding.

Enjoy!!! It's delicious!!!

Back to work tomorrow. All my food is prepped. No reason to fall off the wagon. 

If anyone reading this has shared my experiences with asthma, please email me at liftwritelove@yahoo.com. Especially if you have been able to eliminate your symptoms! I'd love to hear from you!

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