Mar 15, 2014

I was inspired by Elle Noel's Operation Red Bikini (If ya'll don't read her blog, you really should!). She said she was going to write down her goals and give herself a deadline. I don't know why I'm always afraid to do that. I tend to think the worst. I assume that I won't make my goal. Then I'll have to admit to you all that I didn't accomplish my goals. BUT I shouldn't think like that!

So I have decided to join Mrs. Noel on her Operation Red Bikini this year! I'm going to post my goals on here and I'll post my progress. As we get closer and closer to summer, I'm hoping to be more and more bikini ready. Especially since I'll be living in the desert this summer.

When I started my weight loss journey in 2010 I gave myself goals and I stuck to them. I counted every calorie. I only had one cheat meal per week, not per day. I made it to the gym at least four times a week. I've definitely relaxed quite a bit over the years. I'm ready to change that.

Here goes (I wrote these goals for myself earlier this week):
Lose ten pounds by May 31st.
Get back to running. At least three miles a week.
Make it a priority to get to the gym at least three times a week.  
Continue avoiding dairy and remind yourself how much better you FEEL without it.

These goals are TOTALLY do-able! I am going to start Operation Red Bikini right away. I am happy to report that I lost 3.2 pounds this week!!! I am not sure how I lost that much but I'm extremely happy I did.

I'll be looking around for a red bikini. I'm thinking I'd really like a vintage style one.

Today I ate my seventy-fifth apple of the year. By the way, I'm eating an apple a day for the entire year with a friend of mine. I ended up eating two on one day in January which brings the grand total to seventy-five today.

I'm working on getting some packing done tonight. I'm on my second cup of coffee today. My boyfriend and I are going out to Palm Desert tomorrow to hunt for a new home. We are confident that God will lead us to the perfect place. Here's to a late night! (PS- I'm a magazine hoarder.)

I'll leave ya'll with a little "Before and After". Four years and forty pounds in between. Never give up! 

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  1. Love those goals lady! You can do this! Happy house hunting!