Mar 6, 2014

My boyfriend turns twenty-nine today. We have so much to celebrate!!! His goal was to be a store manager by the time he was thirty. Well, earlier this week he was offered his own store so he achieved his goal before he turned twenty-nine! I am so proud of him and I am very happy that his hard work is being recognized.

I had no idea when I told him I would go anywhere with him that I would be agreeing to move to the desert! His new store is in Palm Desert, California. I've heard it can get up to 120 degrees out there. My boyfriend and I HATE the heat. This is going to be quite a challenge for the two of us.

I'm trying to look on the bright side- I can pack up all my sweaters and I'll have more room in my closet!!!

So my boyfriend starts his new position on Saturday. It's all happening very fast. I gave our thirty day notice at our apartment and we do have to break our lease. There is an ugly fine that goes along with that. BUT if we can find someone to take over our lease we are off the hook. Fingers crossed! Until we move out there, my boyfriend will stay with his parents during the week so that his commute will get cut down to an hour (as opposed to an hour and a half from our place). I am working on finding a job in Palm Desert. I am hoping I can just transfer but unfortunately, I have to go through the whole- wait for a position to open, apply for it, interview for it, wait, wait and wait. I'm also applying outside my current employer just in case. I would like to stay with the same company so I can keep my benefits and all that jazz but if I am offered another opportunity, I will take it!

This morning we are heading out that way with his current manager so that he can get new store keys, etc. I’m told they will need a couple hours so I’m going to go exploring and try and hand out some resumes. Couldn’t hurt.

Big changes are coming! I’m excited and scared to death at the same time!!! It will be a great adventure for us to share together though.

Did I tell ya’ll how proud I am of him?!

Happy Birthday, Baby!!! I love you more!

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