Apr 23, 2014

Everyone always says, 'Oh my gosh, these photos are so embarrassing.' Or, 'I can't believe I'm posting these!' And yeah, I can relate. I feel somewhat embarrassed that I allowed myself to become that person on the far left. But I am also bursting with pride for the person I am today. I am no where near perfect. I struggle every day. I eat things I shouldn't eat and I skip workouts. But I have come so far and I have to be happy about that.

The photo on the far left was taken in January of 2011. I started my weight loss journey in August of 2010 so this wasn't even documenting my heaviest weight. That January I started working out with a friend of mine who was also a personal trainer. He really helped me and the photo in the middle was taken about a month later. You can see by the huge grin on my face that I was ecstatic with my results.

The photo on the far right was taken this morning. I am not done. I see myself accomplishing more than what I already have. I don’t have a goal weight anymore. My goals are centered more around how I feel. Right now I’m feeling pretty good, especially after putting all these photos together.

For those of you who are on a weight loss journey, I highly recommend taking progress pictures. Sometimes the scale doesn’t move but you can always see your hard work when you compare old pictures to new ones. Prove that scale wrong!!!

And since it’s Wednesday here are a couple outfits from this week. Happy What I Wore Wednesday!

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