Apr 28, 2014

I tried making my own coffee creamer yesterday. I blended coconut milk and dates in the food processor. It was a disaster. I think I should have cut the dates up into small pieces. The larger pieces got stuck on the blade and the coconut milk went everywhere and it was just a mess. I still poured the coconut milk into a pyrex and I let the dates sink to the bottom. I don't want huge chunks of dates in my cup of coffee but I thought maybe if they sat in the coconut milk over night they would sweeten up the milk a bit. Well, I was wrong! I had bitter coffee again this morning. I really miss the sweetness.

The whole point of the Whole 30 is to remind yourself that you don't NEED sugar. So I'm just going to have to keep pushing on without sweetener in my coffee. I've been trying to find a pure vanilla extract but all the ones I've seen have added alcohol, etc. Maybe cinnamon will do for now.

I've been doing a lot of reading. I found several recipes for the perfect coffee creamer and they call for coconut milk and an egg. I guess the egg is what makes it thick and creamy. I came home tonight and tried making my own coffee creamer for the second time. This time was a HUGE SUCCESS. You know that creamer I tried making yesterday I told you about? Well, I realized that the dates softened up on their own by sitting in the coconut milk. My boyfriend suggested I throw them in the blender along with the coconut milk and egg. I also added two tablespoons of melted coconut oil. It tasted so good! And it looked like egg nog. Mmmm. Egg nog. Focus, Heather. Okay. I’m sitting here typing this while drinking the best cup of coffee I’ve had in three days. It’s not very sweet. But it’s not bitter and that is perfect to me.

I guess I should tell you about the rest of my third day on the Whole 30. My headache was still hanging around today. I woke up and ate breakfast so that I could take some pain reliever. There was no way I was going to work with a headache. Sorry. Uh huh. For breakfast I had three eggs, bacon and turkey sausage. Same as yesterday. I also had my coffee with coconut milk.

For a mid-morning snack I ate a Lara Bar and an apple (number 118 for the year). I went home on my lunch break and ate leftovers! Cashew turkey breast, carrots and a little bit of my chia pudding. I just needed something sweet. #SorryI'mNotSorry

For dinner I had cashew pork and sweet potatoes. Yeah, I’m boring and once I found something I really like I eat it over and over again. I wanted to take a photo of the sweet potatoes once they had been cooked but I was so excited to eat them that I completely forgot! They were almost like chips. They turned out delicious. Even my boyfriend complemented me and he’s a really good cook so that means a lot to me.

I’d say day three was a success. Twenty-seven days to go! 

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