Apr 20, 2014

I’m pretty sure I have said this before but I am breaking up with the scale. I have had an epiphany. I wanted some Bermuda shorts so I did a little shopping yesterday. I haven’t bought any pants in a while and I haven’t bought shorts in two years. I grabbed a size fourteen because I knew I had gained some weight since the last time I shopped. They fit and I loved them but I thought, ‘I wonder if I can go down to a twelve.’ I was skeptical because I did not want to get upset if they didn’t fit but something deep inside convinced me to give it a try. I am so glad I listened to the only positive ounce of me because they fit! I could not believe it! I bought two pairs – one dark denim and one darker denim.

Today I started thinking about the last pair of shorts I bought in 2012 when I was thirty pounds lighter. I pulled them down off my shelf and I slowly stepped into them. I was expecting to struggle in order to get them over my thuys but I was mistaken. AND I was able to button them easily.

What this means is that the scale is worthless. I’ve let it determine how I feel about myself for far too long. I may have gained thirty pounds according to the scale but my size twelve shorts say otherwise. I’m going to go off of how I feel and how my clothes fit from here on out (once again, I’m sure I’ve said this in the past). I will continue to eat well and exercise, of course, but I'm going to do it to FEEL good and healthy. I'm not going to do it so that the number on the scale will go down. 

Anyone else fed up with the digital heart breaker?

And can I please comment on how much my hair has grown over the last two years?! 

2012 - size twelve and thirty pounds lighter

Same shorts today

New Bermuda shorts

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