Apr 29, 2014

When I woke up this morning I was so relieved to not have a headache. I did feel a little drowsy through out the day but I'd rather feel sleepy than uncomfortable. I read the day by day break down on Whole30.com before I started and I have also been referencing it now and then to see if what I'm feeling is normal. Days 4-5 is supposedly when you want to ‘kill all things’. I can say with confidence that I did not want to harm anyone or anything today. In fact, I felt the opposite. I noticed I was a little more cheerful than normal. Either I just bypassed the whole wanting to ‘kill all things’ faze. Or I am going to have a really bad day tomorrow.

One thing I noticed today is that I am not hungry. Ever. Usually my stomach would be growling my 8am and then again every three hours for the rest of the day but that was not the case today. And now that I think about it I wasn’t hungry yesterday either. My theory is that I am filling up on protein, fat and fiber and that is satisfying my body more than processed ‘diet’ foods ever will.

For breakfast I had eggs, bacon, turkey sausage and avocado. I also had a cup of coffee along with my fabulous new creamer! For a snack I had an apple (even though I wasn’t hungry). And then for lunch I had leftover cashew pork and a banana. For an afternoon snack I had a LaraBar.

My boyfriend picked up a roasted chicken at the store for me for dinner, which was so kind of him. I cooked up some sweet potatoes and ate them with some chicken. I think it’s crazy that a week ago I thought I didn’t like sweet potatoes. And now I’ve eaten them four days in a row.

I allowed myself some dessert tonight. I had a cup of coffee and my homemade chia pudding. I really enjoyed having something sweet. I know the Whole 30 recommends avoiding anything resembling a dessert but if the ingredients are all natural and there is no added sugar, I personally don’t see a problem with it.

Four days complete. Twenty-six to go. 

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