May 22, 2014

As promised, I have comprised a list of 30 positive changes that I have seen within myself while on the Whole 30. 

1) I can eat. Like really eat. I love the fact that I don't have to count calories or macros.
2) I definitely sleep better.
3) No more mid afternoon crashes. I used to need coffee, candy or chips around 3pm to get me through the rest of the day.  Not anymore.
4) No more cravings for dessert. Fruit is good enough for me. This was my main reason for doing the Whole 30. I was tired of craving frozen yogurt every night.
5) I feel physically better.
6) I'm usually wide awake when my alarm goes off or right before.
7) I feel like I have actually spent less money on groceries.
8) I've saved lots of money on not eating out. And when I do eat out, it's cheaper than before.
9) No more guilt after eating.
10) My clothes fit much better. Some pants are too loose now. Bittersweet.
11) I actually enjoy drinking water now.
12) No nasty after taste in my mouth from chemical filled foods.
13) I'm not nearly hungry as often as I was before. I can go five plus hours before I need to eat again.
14) I feel like I have a new relationship with food. I see it as fuel rather than a treat.
15) I've been able to connect with some really amazing people because of the Whole 30.
16) I have seen some great changes with my body and it makes me think I can go even farther with my fitness goals. Maybe abs are in my near future...
17) My taste buds have awakened like never before. The slightest flavor has become so immense. For example, the basil in my salad tonight. 
18) It's easier to pick out clothes in the morning because they ALL fit again! 
19) I came up with some new recipes that I will continue to make even after the Whole 30.
20) My love for nutrition has grown even more.
21) I actually enjoy tea with no sweetener now.
22) I don't look at nutrition facts anymore. I only read ingredients.
23) I have completely changed my outlook on artificial sweeteners. I never really thought about all the chemicals that went in them. I was just concerned about saving calories.
24) I have saved lots of money at coffee shops. Unsweetened iced tea is much cheaper than all those fancy drinks.
25) I can actually enjoy sweet potatoes now. I can only eat them fried but still, I can eat them. I NEVER was able to eat them before. 
26) I now know I can live without bread!
27) I've learned fat is okay to eat. In fact, it keeps me full longer.
28) I have learned that my acne is, in fact, caused by my hormones. For a while I thought maybe it was dairy and then I thought it was soy and then I thought it was gluten. But I’ve eliminated all those foods and I still have cystic pimples. 
29) I have not had any allergy or asthma symptoms at all this season. This is huge!
30) 30 days isn't that long and it's definitely worth devoting that time to your health. 

Day 27 was pretty good. It was my rest day. My muscles were so sore and my body enjoyed having the day off. I slept until 6:10 and those extra 10 minutes made a huge difference. I made my cup of coffee after I got out of the shower. Before I knew it, it was time to head to work so I packed up some cashews and blueberries and I ate them at my desk. 

I had an iced green tea for my snack.

For lunch I went home and ate an apple and some sausage from Trader Joe's.

I made some of my own iced pomegranate green tea at home and added some raspberries. It was very refreshing and I took it back to work with me.

We had some weird weather here in the desert today. There was thunder and it poured and when I left work the sky looked eerie. I could barely see the mountains.

And for dinner I had a grilled chicken salad with tomato, avocado and balsamic.

27 days complete!!! Only 3 days left!!!

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