May 24, 2014

I only have one more day left on the Whole 30. 29 days ago I had doubts I'd make it through this journey and now I'm approaching the finish line. I never before thought I could live without sugar or artificial sweeteners or white potatoes. But I did. I eliminated those things from my body and I'm still alive! I went to Starbucks for an iced tea tonight and my sleeve said 'Your life is big. Keep reaching.' I will keep reaching, Oprah. I will.

I am a girl who could never run and has now completed a half marathon. I am also a girl who used to eat frosting straight from the tub but has now gone 29 days without added sugar. This isn't the end of my journey. This is only the beginning. I'm looking forward to seeing what other things my body and mind can accomplish. 

My 29th day started like any other. I woke up at 6, I took a shower and I made a cup of coffee with homemade creamer. 

Once again I ate cashews and blueberries for breakfast. I didn't finish them until 4 so I guess I grazed on them pretty much all day. 

In between the cashews and blueberries I ate a couple leftover chicken strips from last night.

After work I went to Nordsrtom Rack in search of work pants and a dress for an event next month. I left there with a dress, a jacket and two sports bras. I found a couple pants but none impressed me enough to purchase them. I did, however, put on a pair of size 10 pair of pants and that made me so happy! 

I went to get a haircut when I was done shopping. I needed a little pampering and I wanted to reward myself for following through with the Whole 30. I want to make sure I don't reward myself with food anymore. 

I planned on ending my me afternoon at the gym. I thought for sure my boyfriend would be working late so I was surprised when he met me at the gym. I did my cardio first and then my boyfriend and I did legs together. I loved having him there with me. 

He loves when I make him take a picture with me.  
For dinner I ate a Cobb salad with balsamic. 

I feel like tomorrow is going to be such a big day for me. Can I call it a milestone? For anyone doing the Whole 30 currently, keep going. It is an amazing feeling of accomplishment once you get to this point. You’ll want to feel this, trust me.

29 days complete!!! ONE more day to go! Let’s do this! 

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