May 20, 2014

I set my alarm for 6am but I woke up before that. I was a little sleepy and I thought about lying in bed for a while but I convinced myself to just get up and get my workout over with. I’m so glad I did because once I was there I had so much energy. I had the gym to myself again which means I blasted Michael Jackson again. I focused on arms today and I really enjoyed myself. Afterwards, I had to push through my cardio. I gave myself a pep talk the whole time. “You won’t regret this.” “You’ll be so glad you did it once you’re done.” I’m going to need to start eating a little something before I head off to the gym in the morning because I was starting to feel nauseated and light headed while I was lifting and then it got worse while I was on the elliptical.

This is the face of a girl who doesn’t like cardio anymore. 
When I returned home I showered and then made myself some breakfast. Sausage, an apple with cashew butter and coffee with homemade creamer. I brought a couple flavored k-cups home from my parents house this past weekend. This morning I thought I’d give the caramel flavor a try. Before the Whole 30 the flavored coffees only had a faint taste to me. But this morning it was as if I added actual caramel to my coffee. The flavor was so strong and intense. It was such a reminder to me of how much my taste buds have changed.

I had a hand full of cashews on my break at work. I was actually a little hungry. On my lunch break I finished my leftovers from last night. Cashew turkey with pesto (that my boyfriend made with Whole 30 compliant ingredients).

I stopped at Target real quick on my way home from work. I saw this on the shelf and I thought, “I could make this on Monday!” But then I gave myself an imaginary slap across the face. Why would I work so hard at cleansing my body of junk and toxins for 30 days and then turn around and eat that chemical mess the next day? Life is full of temptations, I tell ya.

I also saw this and I decided to give it a try. It was a much better choice than the cupcakes.

I was actually impressed. I read on the back of the bottle that chia seeds are known as ‘runners fuel’ so after a few sips I put the rest in the fridge. I’m going to drink the rest in the morning before my workout to see if it helps me get through my workout without any hunger pains.

I know it’s not the best choice but I had watermelon for dinner. I was still kind of full from lunch and I didn’t want to eat anything too heavy just to eat.  

I can’t wait to get back in the gym tomorrow! Who am I?!

I can’t believe I’ve completed 25 days of the Whole 30!!! 5 more days to go!

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