May 17, 2014

I slept in until 6:15 this morning. I was going to work out after work but once I woke up and felt how sore I was I decided to take today as my rest day. Tiger blood was in full affect today. I felt amazing this morning, especially after comparing these two photos. 

My body has changed a great deal in the last 22 days. The red jeans I wore today were snug the last time I wore them. Today, I actually HAD to wear a belt with them. They are not the same red jeans that I have been trying to fit back into though. Those are a size 10. I think I'm comfortably fitting into a 12 right now. I did put them on the other day but I still can not zip them up. Soon! #OutfitoftheDay below. 

For breakfast this morning I ate Trader Joe's chicken sausage, an apple and iced coffee with homemade creamer. 

I ate lunch at work around 11. I wasn't hungry but if I didn't eat on my break I wouldn't have another chance until 2. I ate homemade chocolate pistachio pudding (don't worry, it's no sugar added and I will add the recipe very soon) and cashews.

My boyfriend and I decided to spend the night at my parents house tonight so we took off when my boyfriend got home from work. We all had dinner together. Since we were back in Temecula we HAD to go to Mr. Kabob's Mediterranean Restaurant. I ordered two chicken breast kabobs and one filet mignon kabob. I did miss the hummus but it was still delicious without it. My dad made freshly brewed green tea and he even added mint leaves (that he grew himself in the backyard). My doggy, Nash, was asleep on my lap as I ate.

Oh yeah! Exciting news! I bought an iPad mini today!!! It was actually a gift from my boyfriend. He bought me a Dell tablet for my birthday but unfortunately I was experiencing some problems with it so he returned it for me and I bought an iPad instead. I'm so excited to put it to good use. I'm thinking of doing some tutorials in the near future. 

Major photo bomb brought to you by my boyfriend. 

I hope you all have a great night! I know I will...I'm home.

22 days down. 8 days to go!

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