May 13, 2014

I woke up before my alarm again this morning. I had a lot of energy as soon as I opened my eyes. I went ahead and got started with my day. For breakfast I ate what I’ll call my homemade yogurt and some coffee with my homemade creamer. I’m Suzy homemaker now. Seriously.

I am not exaggerating here. I ate breakfast at 8 and I want not hungry again until 1:30. Never used to be that way. I ate an apple and almond butter on my break and that held me over until lunch. I go into work a little later than everyone else on Tuesdays so I take the latest lunch. I ate another apple, pistachios and half a LaraBar (Remember that half of a LaraBar I snacked on last week? Yeah, this was the other half.) between 2:15 and 2:45.

I started to get a little hungry on my drive home from work so I snacked on some baby carrots. And by the time I got home I was starving so I made something quick. Organic hot dogs! With pineapple. And I was so hungry that I didn’t take any pictures. Weird how I went the most part of the day without being hungry and then hunger struck hard around 6.

I really had nothing to complain about today. No headaches. No drowsiness. No cravings. I feel like everything is going to be down hill from here. I hope. Oh, I also had a couple people comment on how I looked like I was losing weight! Thank you! I'll take it! 

Speaking of losing weight, happy #TransformationTuesday to you all! Photo on the left was from 2011, about 5 months after I began my weight loss journey. And photo on the right was taken yesterday. It's about progress, not perfection. 

18 days complete. 12 more to go!

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