May 7, 2014

I woke up this morning before my alarm and I was in a bit of a panic. I dreamt that I indulged in chocolate. Tons of chocolate. And I felt so guilty about it! Luckily it was just a dream.

As some of you may know, I often refer to to see if what I'm experiencing is completely normal. I was a little freaked out to read that days 12-15 are when people start to DREAM ABOUT FOOD! What? I'm on day 12 and I dreamt about food last night. I just find this completely crazy. Food is such a powerful thing. For it to have such a hold on so many people and cause similar side affects. It just makes me even more happy that I am going through this process of ridding bad toxins and bad foods from my body. I know I will never look at food the same. And I haven't even read It Starts With Food yet. I can only imagine how I'll feel when I do.

I experienced another non-scale victory today! I was able to wear a shirt that I had planned on donating because it was a bit snug last time I tried it on. Today it fit very well. Such a great feeling. 

I was not hungry at all this morning but  I still ate. I had my iced coffee first with my fresh creamer that I made last night. I drank that while I was getting ready for work. Then right before I left I ate a banana and some chicken sausage.

 And two shall become one. 

I walked into the break room on my morning break and it smelled so incredibly good. My co-worker was eating KFC and oh man, it made my mouth water. BUT I ate an apple and some pistachios and reminded myself of all the positive things that have come out of my new eating habits. For lunch a few hours later I ate a nectarine, clementines and pistachios. 

For dinner I was craving carnitas. I knew the best place to get them would be Chipotle. So I made a stop there on my way home from work. I order two sides of carnitas and when I got home I made some quick guac and put it on top. It was HEAVEN. By the way, I made my own guac at home, rather than getting it at Chipotle, because I hate onions. 

My boyfriend and I took a walk to the yogurt shop tonight so he could get some dessert. Nothing really looked good. Okay, the mochi looked good. But it’s not something I crave. It just happened to be right there in front of my eyes so I started thinking about it. They had a pistachio flavored yogurt tonight and it got me thinking. I’ve made vanilla chia pudding and chocolate chia pudding (both with Whole 30 approved ingredients). I began to wonder if I could make a pistachio chia pudding. I’ve been doing a little searching on Pinterest and I’ll have to experiment a bit. I’ll definitely let you all know if I come up with something.

12 down. 18 days to go! 

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