May 5, 2014

Today was a great day mostly because I got to spend it with my boy again. We ran some errands and then came home and lounged around the apartment. I actually took a nap! It had nothing to do with the Whole 30. I was just so relaxed while lying on my couch that I couldn’t help but fall asleep for an hour. Days off are always appreciated. As I type this my boyfriend is doing dishes and cleaning up the kitchen. It doesn’t get much better than this.

I didn’t set an alarm last night because I wanted to try and sleep in but I woke up at 6. I ate breakfast around 9. The usual. Eggs, bacon, chicken sausage, quick guac and coffee with homemade creamer. 

I watched the Whole 30 segment on Good Morning America this morning. Did anyone else catch it? I was a little let down that it was focused so much on weight loss. I feel like there is so much more to this way of eating. I hope people realize that this isn't a quick fix. Weight loss is great, yes. But I'm most excited about cutting the cravings and clearing up my acne and realizing that I don't need bread. Hopefully people don't rush out to try the Whole 30 to 'lose up to 15 pounds in 30 days'. 

I didn’t eat lunch. I guess I did have lunch but it was more like an afternoon snack. I wasn’t hungry at all during lunch time. Around 3 I ate some leftover cashew turkey breast and an apple. For dinner I ate a hamburger (minus the bun) with bacon and two clementines. And for dessert I had some chocolate chia pudding. It was delicious! I mostly wanted to post the recipe for those of you who are in the first couple of days of the Whole 30. If you are craving something sweet this is the perfect resolution. I know the program frowns up eating dessert but like I’ve said before, if the ingredients are Whole 30 approved I don’t see a problem with it. #sorryimnotsorry

My chia pudding normally only has three ingredients. 

Coconut milk (make sure it's the full fat version)
Chia seeds

Make sure the bananas are ripe. The flavor is so much better!

I start by blending the coconut milk and the bananas. For this batch I used two cans of coconut milk and three bananas. I blended until smooth. Some banana pieces remain and that’s okay. 

This time I came up with the brilliant idea to add cocoa powder! I’ve never tried this before but I had no doubt that it would be good. My boyfriend also added a bit of cinnamon for me. Then I blended the batch again.

At this point I poured the mix into a pyrex and then I sprinkled some chia seeds on top and then stirred them in. The chia seeds are what thicken the pudding so be generous.

I then put the pyrex in the fridge and a couple hours later I enjoy! 

Day ten complete! Twenty more to go.

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