May 8, 2014

Today was quite an odd day. I just felt off. It may be because I was up too late (and too late to me is 11pm) watching Netflix. But I was wide awake when my alarm went off at 6am so I had high hopes for the day. I wasn't cranky but I also wasn’t my cheerful self that I've been the last couple of days.

For breakfast I had a cup of coffee with homemade creamer, a banana and some chicken sausage. I wasn't hungry but on my break I ate an apple and later I was so glad I had. I actually started to feel hungry. By the time lunch time rolled around my stomach was growling at me. I had forgotten what that felt like. I ended up snacking on half of a LaraBar that I had in my purse for emergencies. That held me over until I was able to go home on my lunch break and eat.

I cooked up some Organic all beef hot dogs in the pan and they were delicious. There's something wonderful about eating a hot dog and not feeling guilty for it! I also ate a hand full of pistachios and two clementines. I was wanting so much more though. I was hoping the clementines would curb my sweet tooth that came out of nowhere today but it didn't. I kept drinking cold water too, also thinking that would help. Nothing.

I went back to work and my co-worker dangled a KitKat bar in my face. (Rude!) I wasn't tempted by those at all though. I kept thinking about Nugo's Chocolate Pretzel Protein Bar. Those things are one of God's many gifts to His people. It may be what I eat on day 31.

On my last break I walked to the nearby grocery store and bought a package of grapes. At this point I NEEDED something sweet. My taste buds may not have been extremely happy with me but my body will be grateful in the long run.

I came home tonight and went to put the other half of my LaraBar in a canister. When I removed the lid, this is what I saw.

Really?! Ugh. I thought I was passed this point in the Whole 30. I was convinced that my cravings were gone. I guess it's a good thing that I'm craving a healthy treat. Non GMO. Gluten Free. Vegan. What more could you ask for? 

I usually post my daily blogs a little later than this but tonight is different. It’s 7:30 and I have no appetite. I’m thinking I may skip dinner. I know that’s probably the worst thing I could do but nothing sounds good and I will probably be asleep here shortly. 

This is me. Sitting in my bed. Day dreaming of sleeping.

I’m going to end this blog on a good note! Tomorrow night my boyfriend is taking me to see LeAnn Rimes in concert. This will be my nineteenth time seeing her and I’m so excited! SO I will not be able to post a recap of my day 14 at the usual time. It will be late late tomorrow night or early Saturday morning. Here’s to a better day tomorrow!

Thirteen days done. Seventeen more to go.

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