May 2, 2014 said days 6 and 7 were going to be when you felt the most tired. I wasn't tired at all yesterday so I thought I had just gone right past that stage. Today was a whole different story. I woke up feeling great. And then I'd say around 10 am things went cloudy. My vision was even a little blurred because my eye lids were so heavy. I was at work all day so I had to stay busy to keep my energy up. It was definitely an exhausting day and I couldn't get home fast enough.

I should also note that my face has been really clear for the last week and this morning I woke up to three little pimples. None of them were cystic pimples (which I haven't had in about a month) so I wasn't too upset. I'm just hoping it's part of the detox process because I've heard that your skin really clears up on the Whole 30. 

I'm finding that the Whole 30 community is wonderful. I have found so many people on Instagram and Twitter that are so willing to offer advice and recipes. Even though I don't have anyone near me doing the Whole 30, I never feel as if I'm in this alone because of the online community.

For breakfast this morning I blended up coffee with my homemade creamer, a banana and cocoa powder. It was pretty good! And it kept me full. I would have been starving within an hour of drinking this before I started the Whole 30. For my morning snack I had an apple (still not hungry by the time I ate this).

I went home on my lunch break and I made breakfast- eggs, bacon and chicken sausage. As I'm typing this I'm realizing that I didn't take any pictures of my food prior to dinner.

After lunch I snacked on freeze dried bananas. I wasn't hungry but I was so sleepy at work and I was hoping the natural sugars would give me a boost of energy. That wasn't helping so on my afternoon break I walked to Starbucks (in the 100 degree weather- that's how desperate I was) and got an iced unsweetened green tea. I was so excited to discover that I didn’t detest the green tea without any sweetener. Normally, I would have added a couple sweet’n lows to my tea and I would have thought I was going the healthy route. I am so happy that now I can enjoy my tea without any added chemicals.

I forgot to take meat out of the freezer for dinner so I had breakfast for dinner too- eggs, bacon, chicken sausage and my quick guacamole. It was amazing! I think I may have found my perfect meal on the Whole 30. I just bought eggs two days ago and I’m already out. Between homemade coffee creamer and meals, I think I will go through a couple dozen a week.

My boyfriend and I have been walking to the frozen yogurt shop near us a couple times a week since we moved to Palm Desert. I didn’t want to stop that little tradition we have created so when we went over there tonight I filled my bowl up with fresh fruit. Yes my friends, you can enjoy a Whole 30 approved dessert at a froyo shop!

I can’t believe I’ve made it through a whole week without cheating once. Not even once. I’m so proud. And I’m looking forward to seeing more changes in myself and my body.

Seven days down. Twenty-three days to go. 

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