Jul 2, 2014

Hard Days Happen

I had a really bad food day yesterday. This happens every now and then. I’ll be on point with my eating plan for a few weeks and then one day I’ll just go crazy. Well, that was yesterday for me.

It started around lunch time. It was a really stressful day at work and I think I let that get to me. I really wanted fast food. My co-worker was eating KFC in the break room and I wanted some fried chicken really bad. I was craving Jack in the Box. The fat girl in me loves their tacos! But I never let her have them. I was proud of myself for not going out to eat. I made a turkey wrap for myself with hummus, baby greens and tomato. And then I made my way over to the vending machine. I thought, ‘Well, it’ll be okay if I eat some chips.’ The only ones in there were Cheetos. I can not even remember the last time I’ve eaten Cheetos but they were delicious with my wrap. As soon as I finished them I felt disgusting! My stomach was killing me and I felt sluggish and I regretted eating them.

Then when I got home I ate peanut butter. Not just the recommended serving size of 2 tablespoons. No, I probably ate 6 tablespoons. Why?! I have no idea. I couldn’t stop myself.

Then I ate dinner. Steak and veggies. I thought I was done for the night. Nope. After dinner I ate a bag of my boyfriend’s Brownie Brittle. Only 120 calories for the bag but still.

Finally I cut myself off. I felt awful. Not just physically but emotionally because I felt like I let myself down. I work so hard in the gym and I was just so mad at myself for blowing it on junk food.

The good news is that I tracked what I ate on MyFitnessPal to hold myself accountable. The bad news is that my macros were way off. But I knew they would be.

I wanted to share this with you all because this is real life. This isn’t a quick fix. It’s a lifestyle change and some days are going to be great and some days are going to be a struggle.

I didn’t let yesterday affect today. I still woke up at 4:20 and went to the gym and did sprints. I walked in and crawled out. I ate a lot better today because I reminded myself of how yesterday left me feeling. When I have days like yesterday I have to remind myself how far I’ve come and that I can’t give up.

Same pants. 3 year difference.

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  1. Heather, thanks for your honesty. A lifestyle change is a struggle and I appreciate I can relate with someone who is just human like you. The most important part of your journey is you never give up.