Jul 7, 2014

This Is Why I Sprint

You all know I used to be a cardio junkie, right? Yeah, I used to walk in the door at the gym and make a bee line for the elliptical. Then in 2012 I slowly started running. I did a 5K race and then a 4 miler and in October of last year, I ran a half marathon. 

2014 brought on a major romance between me and weight lifting. My obsession with cardio was pushed aside and I began to spend all my time with dumbbells and cables. 

Unfortunately, I still need cardio in my life. I would still like to slim down and the best way to do that is with a combination of cardio, strength training and good nutrition. 

For about six weeks, I was back on the elliptical every morning. Trying my hardest to break a sweat. I didn't feel like I was being challenged. I wanted to push myself more so I began doing some research.

I found that sprints are a great form of exercise. I decided to give them a chance and I am so glad I did! It's been about two weeks now and I've already upped my speed three times. I am also drenched every time I walk off the treadmill. 

I read that sprints build endurance and they improve speed. I've already noticed that. Three weeks ago, when I tried to jog, I would have to walk after five minutes. Today, after my sprints, I was able to run for ten minutes straight. I probably could have kept going but I had been on the treadmill for an hour, I was dripping in sweat and I was STARVING! I'll try pushing myself even harder tomorrow. 

If you’re like me and you tend to get comfortable in the gym, I urge you to mix it up and try something new!

After an hour on the treadmill. You can’t tell from this photo but I was dripping in sweat!

I sent my dad a video of me doing my sprints and this was the response I got.
I hope to look back on these videos in a few weeks and see how much I’ve improved. Thanks for my wonderful boyfriend for being my videographer.

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