Aug 25, 2014


I’m home from vacation. I am a homebody so I am happy to be back, even if it is the desert. It’s difficult living out of a suitcase and sleeping on a bed that you aren’t familiar with. I was actually sick pretty much my entire vacation. I ended up getting an earache and I'm still a little sore. My sore throat is also still lingering. I feel like that all has to do with my lack of exercise and poor nutrition choices. Other than that, it was a lovely week.

It was my first time to Catalina Island. I could definitely see myself living there…if they ever built a mall. Oh, and they’d need to get a Whole Foods too. All they have is Von’s and the space was limited so soyrizo and Nugo Bars were not on the shelves.

The island is very small and there are only so many things to do so you are forced to unwind. The weather was perfect. I actually had to wear a jacket every evening.

We did a lot of walking and relaxing. I ate too much and drank just enough. I didn’t even think about calories or macros or my carb intake. That’s what a vacation is for, right?

Most people dread coming home from vacation but I was actually ready to get back to my routine. I feel pudgy, I miss the gym and I’m looking forward to tracking my food again.

Here are some photos from my trip. There are quite a few. You’ve been warned.

I’m pretty sure I had at least one alcoholic beverage every day I was there.

I was feeling really fat about halfway through my trip. I took this photo
and realized I still looked okay. I’m too hard on myself.

Bathing suit is vintage- my mom’s from the 90’s. Hard to
believe clothes from the 90’s are vintage now.  

This was heaven. Birthday cake ice cream inside a waffle bowl.

Our last night on the island. He hates when I make him smile for a pic.

My boyfriend bought me these three rings (one gold, one silver, one rose gold)
after I commented on them. I'm in love with them and him. 

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Aug 3, 2014

Trust the Process

Last week I gained 1.4 pounds. This week I have no idea if I lost, gained or stayed the same weight. Why? Because I made my boyfriend get rid of the batteries to my scale. The number was messing with my head again and I just can’t have that. I started to question what I was doing. I don’t wake up at 4:15 to work out five to six days a week to gain 1.4 pounds. I don't meal prep and watch everything I put in my mouth to gain 1.4 pounds. 

I tried switching up my cardio and I avoided strength training for a few days. I was hoping that would help the number move. I stepped on the scale again on Wednesday and it was the exact same number as Sunday. That extra 1.4 was taunting me. I was angry, upset, sad, confused, etc. Emotions were taking over and I hated feeling that way. That same morning I gave my boyfriend the batteries to my scale and I asked him to hide them from me. He ended up throwing them away.

I felt relief after that.

The next morning I flexed and I was amazed at what I saw. Was this really my arm?! I was so happy that I made the decision to not weigh myself anymore (AGAIN) because I am seeing results. They may not show on the scale but they are definitely showing on my body.  

I found some photos from last Summer and I compared them to my progress pictures from this morning. I am probably the same weight in both photos. I'm not lying. I've been on a plateau since December 2012. So once again, I am reminded that the scale means nothing. My progress may be considered slow to most people but I say slow progress is still progress.

I can't believe I ever even doubted the process. All those times I said no to french fries or frosting have paid off. If I stay this weight, I'll be fine with that. As long as I continue to tone up and lose inches, I will be proud of my perseverance and hard work.  

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