Aug 3, 2014

Trust the Process

Last week I gained 1.4 pounds. This week I have no idea if I lost, gained or stayed the same weight. Why? Because I made my boyfriend get rid of the batteries to my scale. The number was messing with my head again and I just can’t have that. I started to question what I was doing. I don’t wake up at 4:15 to work out five to six days a week to gain 1.4 pounds. I don't meal prep and watch everything I put in my mouth to gain 1.4 pounds. 

I tried switching up my cardio and I avoided strength training for a few days. I was hoping that would help the number move. I stepped on the scale again on Wednesday and it was the exact same number as Sunday. That extra 1.4 was taunting me. I was angry, upset, sad, confused, etc. Emotions were taking over and I hated feeling that way. That same morning I gave my boyfriend the batteries to my scale and I asked him to hide them from me. He ended up throwing them away.

I felt relief after that.

The next morning I flexed and I was amazed at what I saw. Was this really my arm?! I was so happy that I made the decision to not weigh myself anymore (AGAIN) because I am seeing results. They may not show on the scale but they are definitely showing on my body.  

I found some photos from last Summer and I compared them to my progress pictures from this morning. I am probably the same weight in both photos. I'm not lying. I've been on a plateau since December 2012. So once again, I am reminded that the scale means nothing. My progress may be considered slow to most people but I say slow progress is still progress.

I can't believe I ever even doubted the process. All those times I said no to french fries or frosting have paid off. If I stay this weight, I'll be fine with that. As long as I continue to tone up and lose inches, I will be proud of my perseverance and hard work.  

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