Sep 12, 2014

Friday Weigh In and Q&A

My second vlog is up and running on Youtube. I shared with you all something 
that I haven’t before. Click here to watch.

I also filmed a little bit to tell you all about my new favorite recipe for chicken. 
Click here to watch that.
(I originally uploaded a fifteen minute video, which was both of the above combined. Unfortunately, 
YouTube said it was too long.
So for now they will have to be separate.)
Below are the photos I took while I was cooking.
And to see the vlog where my boyfriend tries my chicken click here.
I was very excited that he actually liked it because he's a really good cook and he has a strong opinion when it comes to food. 

My mom and dad came by my work today and surprised me with gorgeous pink roses. They took me to lunch and my mom and I split a footlong sandwich and a bag of Baked Lay's from Subway. I was also able to resist cake in the break room. I have my focus set on my goal.

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