Sep 8, 2014

Weekend Words & Workouts

My weekend started with work and an iced coffee with 3 pumps of Pumpkin Spice syrup and 2 inches of cold soy. I am so ready for Fall!

Saturday evening was spent on the couch. My boyfriend and I had a Dexter marathon and I was on Pinterest looking for dinner ideas. I ended up pinning mostly desserts. Oops. I also enjoyed one Pepperidge Farm Pumpkin Cheesecake cookie. It was wonderful and guilt free because it fit in my macros.

Yesterday my boyfriend and I went out on a date. I was in desperate need of capris for the gym so I went on the hunt for those. Somehow my boyfriend ended up with all of my bags, including my purse. He said, “I always promised myself I wouldn’t be this guy.” Little does he know a man who carries his girl’s purse is a real man. I didn’t make him hold it for too long. I didn’t want to torture him.

Now about those capri pants I mentioned. I had three pairs (prior to going shopping yesterday) and they are pretty much falling apart. I realized that I hadn’t bought new ones in over two years. The first ones I ever bought are the same ones I wore for my first 5K and then for my half marathon. I didn’t just want new ones. I needed them. It’s good to have variety too, especially when you work out five, sometimes six days a week. I may have to force myself to go back and buy some more because I really like the ones I purchased. These are Xersion from JC Penny and they were all on sale. I paid $60 for all three.

The pink ones have a pocket in the back! I don’t know 
what I will put in there but it made me happy.

I did some grocery shopping earlier today and I may have squealed when I saw that Chobani brought back their banana flip yogurt with honey roasted almonds and mini chocolate chips. This is my absolute favorite and I hadn’t seen it in a few months. I was worried it had been discontinued. I like to eat this for dessert.

This was my shopping cart today. I always do a little mental happy dance when I am able to avoid all the junk food, especially with all the holiday treats coming out. The only limited edition item I bought was Chobani Pumpkin yogurt. I’m also trying out a new recipe tonight. Most of the ingredients are in my cart. I’ll share it with you all later this week. Along with my new (stolen) drink idea.

I went to the gym earlier. It was one of those ‘walk in, crawl out’ workouts. I was dripping in sweat when I was done. I also wore my new grey capris.

Back to work tomorrow. Hope ya’ll have a great week! 

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