Oct 25, 2014

First Run

The half marathon training plan that I have chosen to follow is twelve weeks long. That would mean that I should begin training on November 17th. Well, I am not prepared to wait. I’d rather start early and when I finish my half marathon training plan I can go right into my full marathon training plan.

The fact that I’m even talking about this just astounds me, by the way.

That post run sweat always feels so good!

I began my training plan yesterday. I completed three miles and I was very proud of my time. I had Truly Daily playing on my iPad while I ran. Jess is always such a great motivator for my workouts. 

Even though I was very happy with my time, I am looking forward to getting to a place where I actually feel good when I run. Yesterday I was very light headed and my legs were in pain. Thursday was leg day. Words of wisdom for you all. Don’t start half marathon training the day after leg day. My legs are hurting even more now this morning but I guess I need to get used to that. I've heard Glutamine helps muscle recovery so I may look into adding that to my list of supplements. And about my lightheadedness, I need to figure out if I need more water, electrolytes or maybe more carbs right before I run.

I snapped the photo above because I could actually see definition in my back while I was just standing there. It’s the little things in life. My next goal is to see definition in my arms without flexing.


I love this time of year. I wish it felt like Fall here but unfortunately, we’re still in the 90’s in the desert. I guess that’s why they call it the desert. I ran some errands yesterday afternoon. I hobbled around and moaned every now and then because I was in so much pain. BUT it was all worth it. When I looked at these selfies I thought, “Hey, my legs actually look fit.” That’s the first time that has ever happened! #nonscalevictory

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