Oct 17, 2014

Mountain Love

Our trip to Idyllwild has become an annual occurrence. My fiancé has been to the Art & Wine Walk five years now and I have gone with him the last two years. He said before me, he was always the single guy tagging along with the couples. I’m glad I was able to come along and complete the puzzle.

Last year we rented a cabin and we had four couples in it. It was such a blast! So this year we went ahead and rented a cabin again. And this year was just as fun! Maybe even more because my future mother-in-law was able to come up with her friend.

We did something different this year. We took a group photo before all the wine and after. We all look just as happy in both photos, maybe just a little more silly in the second.
 The photo above is a side by side comparison of my fiancé and I at the Wine Walk last year and this year. We tried to stand in the exact same spot. Well, I should say I made sure we were in the exact same spot. We even had to ask a bunch of guys to move for a few moments. Thanks again, guys! Not much has changed. My fiancé is wearing a Star Wars shirt in both photos and his sunglasses are in the exact same spot. The only thing different is the length and color of my hair.

By the end of the Wine Walk I was a VERY happy girl.

Let me introduce these wonderful ladies. Jessica is on my left. She’s married to my fiancé’s friend from high school. And Sam is on my right. She is married to my fiancé’s best friend. We always have a lot of fun when the six of us get together. I love that we all get along really well.  

And this is Scotty, my fiancé’s best friend. Funny this is that Scotty and I are so much alike. And my fiancé and Sam (Scotty’s wife) are pretty much the same person. That old saying – opposites attract – is very much true in our little group. Scotty is a really great guy and I am grateful my fiancé has a friend like him. 

After the Wine Walk we ended up going back to the cabin. Sam made us homemade lasagna, salad and breadsticks. Seriously, the best lasagna I’ve ever had! She’s an amazing cook! We had a couple more drinks. Okay, a lot more drinks. By the end of the night we had gone through nearly two bottles of tequila. We also played a game…I couldn’t even tell you what it was called. But I had a great time!

On Sunday we wondered around the town with my future mother-in-law and her friend. They left early in the evening and as they were leaving my fiancé’s grandpa and his friend showed up. It was a wonderful and unexpected visit. My parents showed up right after that. We all had a nice dinner together.

My parents gave me a new Michael Kors watch as an engagement gift. This is my third Michael Kors watch and all three are from them. They really shouldn’t have but I’ll take it and cherish it.

Monday morning we had to check out of our cabin. My fiancé and I went to breakfast with my parents. His mom ended up meeting us there. After breakfast we all went to look at a venue to see if we’d like to have our wedding there. It was a gorgeous site. Unfortunately the cost only includes the venue. They don’t provide anything at all so we’d be in charge of getting tons of vendors up the mountain and I just don’t want that kind of stress. I want my wedding to be stress-free for me, my fiancé and our families.

We stopped for coffee before we headed down the mountain. I ordered an iced Falling Leaves and it was amazing! I usually don’t indulge in full sugar drinks but I let myself in honor of being in the mountains.

We also stopped to take some photos on the way down the mountain. That is the desert in the background. It’s not as pretty as the mountain scenery but it really is a beautiful sight.

Until next year…or maybe sooner if we end up taking our engagement photos in Idyllwild.

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