Nov 20, 2014

90's Child

I was born in 1987 but most of my childhood memories are from the 90’s. And I definitely felt like yesterday had a 90’s theme going on. None of which was planned. Okay, the jeweled denim baseball cap was planned. But that was it!

My fiancé and I had the day off together so we hit the town. We started at our local farmers’ market. My fiancé has a life-long friend who runs a vegetable booth there and he invited us to come down. All we left with were “new” potatoes, or purple potatoes. We wanted to get a few more things but they would be for Thanksgiving so we plan on going back next Wednesday morning.

After that we did a little more shopping at Whole Foods, Bed, Bath & Beyond and Target and the mall. I found this calendar at Bed, Bath & Beyond. First of all, I can not believe it’s been TWENTY years since Clueless came out. Second of all, this was one of my favorite movies growing up. I could quote the movie from start to finish. “Okay, so you’re probably going, ‘Is this like a Noxema commercial or what?’ But seriously, I actually have a way normal life for a teenage girl.” 

I found this gum at Target and I squealed like a little girl.

THE most exciting part of my day was shopping in the Barbie aisle. I am a huge fan of Barbie. I still have everything Barbie that I’ve ever owned. They are all in big plastic tubs in my parent's attic and I am saving them for my daughter/daughters. If I don’t have a little girl of my own they will go to my niece/nieces. I used to spend days setting up my little Barbie town and I can’t wait to do that again soon. At my niece’s birthday party this past weekend she got a three story Barbie house with an elevator! I felt that spark come alive in me again. I was actually a bit jealous. My niece just turned three and I had no idea she was into Barbie’s. When I found out I told my fiancé, “We have to get her Barbie’s for Christmas!” So yesterday we did a little shopping. We ended up not purchasing yet because there was too much to choose from. I really wanted to get her the canopy bed for Barbie’s “glam bedroom” but she did just get a fully furnished three story home so she may not need that just yet. I wanted to look around at a few more stores before I decide what to get her. My fiancé said it’s completely up to me because Barbie is my thing. Can you tell how happy I was? I wonder if my fiancé would mind if I had a Barbie room in our future home. I really want to play now! 

We ended our day of shopping at the mall. We had a coupon for Bath & Body Works and we were running out of hand soaps so we stocked up. It took us quite a while to decide on the scents we wanted because there are so many choices nowadays. We settled on Winter Citrus Wreath, Cherry Almond Shortbread, Candy Cane Bliss, Caribbean Escape and ‘Tis the Season. My fiancé also bought me a ‘Tis the Season candle because it smelled so good!

I’ve been trying to eat really clean lately but I’ve noticed the more clean I eat, the more I crave snacky foods. So I bought a couple items to keep around the house to curb those cravings when they strike. That’s the best thing about IIFYM (If It Fits Your Macros). I love that the Bark Thins are dairy free! 

My running schedule said I had to run five miles (my longest run this year) so I did. I waited until just before the sun set so that it would be nice and crisp outside. I will write more about my run on my recap later this week. I do think I may be suffering from a minor injury. My hip hurts, mostly when I’m walking. I was hoping it would be better this morning but it’s not. So I am going to rest today. I don’t want to push myself and end up making it worse. 

I treated myself to a vegan chocolate chip cookie for dessert after my run. I wish I could say I loved it but it wasn’t what I had hoped it would be. It tasted good but it was definitely overcooked. I was hoping for moist gooiness.

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  1. Oh gosh, I was born in 1980 so I spent my childhood in the nineties too. From 10 to 19 was all in the nineties. The last generation before internet and technology took over. I can't believe it's been 20 years since Clueless either! I loved that movie too and own the dvd. I remember when Alicia Silverstone was in the Aerosmith videos too. Awe, good times. :)