Nov 2, 2014

Half Marathon Training Week One

I have completed my first full week of training for my half marathon in February. I’ll be honest. When I ran my first half marathon last October I had not completed all of my training. I always made sure to do my long runs every Sunday but I ignored a lot of the small runs during the week. I promised myself that this time I would not do that. I think it will really help me improve my time and stamina if I get every single training run in. 

I ran most of my miles on the treadmill in the gym and they were extremely hard. I thought that I was really out of shape but now I am thinking it was because I was on the treadmill. I ran my final run of the week outside because it was so beautiful! And you know what? I felt amazing! I didn’t stop once! A lot of it was uphill and tough but when I felt my mind start to give up I would just remind myself that soon I would be able to go down hill.

I can say this is the first time I ran three miles nonstop this year. That’s pretty awesome considering the fact that I only started training last week. Again, I think this all goes back to the strength training that I’ve been doing.

I also had some great music to get me through. That always helps. I downloaded Taylor Swift’s new album yesterday and it is F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S! Definitely perfect for my training runs. What’s my favorite song on 1989? I can't choose just one. I like too many of them.

I’m supposed to take tomorrow off but I feel so good right now. I’m already itching to run again. I hope this feeling continues because earlier this week I was having regrets about signing up for another half.

By the way, I switched two of my runs this week. I did my four mile run yesterday and my three mile run today. Since I knew I was going to be home with family last night and today, I figured it would be better to get my longer run out of the way yesterday.

Here are some photos from my workouts this week.

Look at all that sweat! And I love that definition I see in my back.

Some days I feel fat. Most days, actually.
And then I look at photos of myself.
They help me see that I actually look fit and healthy.

Before and after my four mile run on Saturday.
I did NOT want to run but I was so happy when I was done.
Just proves you should always get up and go.
You’ll never regret a workout.

Three miles nonstop!
Maybe it will be four next week.

Sixteen miles for the week.
I can’t wait until all these miles are checked off!

Week one complete!!!

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  1. You're already looking like a runner. You're gonna do this!