Nov 17, 2014

Half Marathon Training Week Three

I was a really bad runner this week – mentally. My heart was not in it at all. I guess it’s completely normal but it made for an extremely long week. I threw a toddler tantrum in my head multiple times. I dreaded every single time I laced up my shoes, except one. Last Monday was the only day I smiled before my run. It should have been my rest day but I felt so good I ended up taking advantage.

I did a lot of sprints this week because the thought of running long distances without stopping just repulsed me. The only way I could get my mileage in was to go to the gym, put Netflix on my iPad and run sprints. Let me tell you, I killed myself. I can’t remember the last time I was this sore. Running at 8 miles an hour on a 2 incline and then lifting heavy weights right after beat me up. Today is my rest day and I will be resting. 

Week three is complete and I checked another 18 miles off my list. This upcoming week will be challenging, I can already feel it. I went from having four 3 mile runs to only two. Buh-bye to my nice short leisure runs.


I took the photo on the right this past week and I wanted to compare it to an older picture. The photo of me on the left was from 2010. I wasn’t yet at my heaviest but it’s very obvious that I was unhealthy. I am so extremely proud of how far I’ve come and even on days when I don’t feel mentally in the game I’m still stronger than I was back then. And when I say stronger I mean physically and mentally. There is no way I would have even ran one mile back then, let alone 18 in a week. So when I get down on myself and I feel like a complete failure I have to remember that this is a journey and not every week will be perfect. All that matters is that I completed my miles, I lifted weights and I finished my week strong (and sore).

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