Nov 11, 2014


• I have used the restroom while LeAnn Rimes was in the next stall. Made me realize she is just a person.
• There are a lot of foods that I don’t like that I haven’t tried and will never try.
• There is nothing I hate more than being tickled.
• I have naturally curly hair.
• I was twenty feet away from Taylor Swift before she was ever famous.
• Nashville is my favorite city in the world.
• One of my favorite things is listening to a new album from start to finish, uninterrupted.
• I do not know how to apply eyeliner to my top lid. Every now and then I get lucky but most days I end up washing it off.
• I hate going to see a movie in theaters because there is always that one person that talks and ruins the whole experience.
• If a Michael Jackson song comes on the radio I can not change it or turn it off.
• I am actually looking forward to turning thirty.
• Some of my best memories are with my parents and my brother.
• I lost track of how many concerts I've been to.
• I have dyed my hair many colors, including pink.
• I have many OCD qualities.
• I dream of one day being a stay at home mom.
• I am Hungarian and Mexican. I’m also a hungry Mexican. Always.
• I’ve walked into a Starbucks on numerous occasions only to be told that I ‘just missed Keith Urban!’ Each time was torturous.
• I loved living alone. I firmly believe that everyone should live alone at least once in their life.
• My favorite movie is Sleepless in Seattle.
• My favorite book is Charlotte’s Web.
• I have been to twenty-four states. I hope to one day see all fifty.
• My fiancé and I have already chosen our babies names. They are unique and perfect and top secret.
• I prefer scarf and coat weather.
• I could watch Friends over and over again and laugh every time.
• I love garlic but I hate onion.
• I knew my fiancé was the one from the moment I met him.

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