Dec 24, 2014

Christmas Eve

First, I have to share a non-scale victory with ya’ll. My fiancé and I went on a date last night. We went out for Mexican food and then we went to the Marriot here in town. It was gorgeous! The hotel has a river going through it so we walked around and looked at the water and Christmas lights. Afterwards, my fiancé wanted to grab some dessert. I had already used all of my calories. I saved up throughout the day because I knew we were getting dinner but I did not plan for dessert. He decided he wanted Cold Stone. It took everything inside of me to not order an ice cream. He ordered the dark chocolate peppermint ice cream and I did try one bite but that was it. When we got home I was so proud of myself.

The last two days I’ve been feeling a little stuffed up. I didn’t think anything of it but this morning I woke up 3am with a headache and I couldn’t breathe. I finally fell back to sleep a little after 4 and didn’t wake up again until 7:20. It’s now 10. I still have a little headache. My nose is running and now my throat is starting to hurt. I can’t decide if I caught a cold or if this is allergies. I ran to Wal-Mart this morning and stocked up on allergy medicine and juice.

My favorite thing to drink when I feel like I’m getting sick is warm water with apple cider vinegar and a little bit of honey. I like to pretend I’m drinking a hot apple cider and it helps me feel better. I hope all these vitamins and liquids kick in soon. I don’t want to be sick for Christmas.

I was going to try and get a workout in but I think it would be best if I rest. I still have to pack an overnight bag for us and I need to put all the presents in the car. I’m picking my fiancé up at work at 3. Then we will take off. We’re going to my future in-law’s home for dinner tonight and then we’re spending the night at my parent’s house. Only a few more hours of rest and then I need to get to work.

Merry Christmas Eve!

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