Dec 23, 2014

Countdown to Christmas

Well, most of our belongings are packed up in our POD. The only things left in our apartment are our mattress, a few dishes, our TVs, the Xbox, the Playstation, our laptop, ipad and clothes. The items we kept out are going to go with us to my future in-law’s home. I can’t remember if I’ve actually filled you all in on what exactly is going on. My fiancé will be getting a job transfer back towards the San Diego area here in the next couple of months. He has no word on the official date yet. Our lease is up on December 31st and rather than going month to month or signing a new lease, we decided it would be best to just move out. Both of our parents offered their homes but his parents are closer to the desert so we will be with them until his transfer goes through.

It’s going to be so nice to be with his family and closer to my family. On the other hand, it’s going to take some getting used to – going from an apartment to a bedroom. We will definitely be down sizing.

I’m going to miss this view. The desert may not be the most desirable place to be but the views out here are breathtaking, especially this time of year. There is snow on all the mountains around us and I love seeing that!

You know how we went to Disneyland last Sunday? Well, I finally received my email with our Buzz Lightyear photo yesterday. Way to be a week late, Disneyland. Usually it comes the same day. I had given up hope that I would even receive it. I love how intense we both look. He won, by the way. Not by much though. 

My brother and sister-in-law drove out here on Saturday night and we all went to dinner for my sister-in-law’s birthday. We went to Starbucks after because our kitchen was packed up and I couldn’t offer them coffee. This cup caught my attention as soon as we walked in! My fiancé bought it for me because he said he still owed me a birthday present from Disneyland. This cup makes me want to drink water!

I had to go to Target and the mall yesterday. My fiancé needed me to grab one last gift and I needed to get gift bags to finish wrapping. Let me tell you, Target was insane and the mall was worse. I did have a coupon for Bath & Body Works that I wanted to use though. I bought a candle and then I was able to choose another item for free.

I chose this Coconut lotion because it’s one of my favorite scents of theirs. I’ll smell like the Caribbean in winter.

We got a Christmas card in the mail yesterday from my former boss and her family. I love how she addressed the card. A little premature but I need to get used to it. ♥

Since I no longer have my Keurig or coffee pot, I had to buy instant coffee. Surprisingly it’s pretty good. And my dad says his mom, my grandmother who I never met because she passed away in 1979, used to drink Nescafe instant coffee so it makes me feel closer to her.  

Last night my fiancé and I finished wrapping presents and watched American Horror Story Coven. By the way, it’s SO much better than Freak Show. I made myself a cup of Bulletproof mint chocolate coffee using instant and it was pretty darn good!

I also made my fiancé a cup of Bulletproof mint chocolate hot cocoa. I tried a sip and it was SO good, if I do say so myself.

Here’s all the presents for our families, wrapped and ready to go. True story. All of my presents have been in our closet for weeks now. I did not peak once. I LOVE surprises and I do not like opening presents early. My brother, on the other hand, loves opening presents early. He prefers opening them on Christmas Eve and I like to wait until Christmas morning. We go back and forth every year. This year is my turn so we will be waiting until Christmas Day.

I’m so excited to give gifts this year. I think I’m most excited to see my mom open hers. And I told my fiancé he will have the best Christmas ever. I know he’s going to freak over his gifts. I can't wait!!!

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