Dec 4, 2014

Hey Bro, I'll Lift With You

I did something today I don’t think I’ve ever done before. I lifted weights in the gym while another guy was lifting too. I should be more specific because I have lifted with my fiancé, obviously. And I’m totally comfortable lifting if there are other guys in there IF I’m with my fiancé. But I have not felt completely comfortable lifting by myself while another man is in there. It’s intimidating. I was hoping I’d one day get to the point where I was comfortable enough and today was that day.

I am fortunate enough to have great gym at our clubhouse where we live. It’s within walking distance and most of the time I have it to myself. But every now and then I walk in and a guy is in the weights section. If so, I turn right around and go to the cardio section. Today, cardio was not on my plan. I walked in and a guy was on the leg press. I walked over where the dumbbells are and claimed my territory. The guy on the leg press ended up moving to the treadmill. Is it possible that I intimated him?! Then, another guy walked into the weights section. This guy was big. He was a total bro. He must have gotten the hint that the dumbbells and cables were mine for the time being because he didn’t come near me. I did my sets while he did his. He was grunting and talking to himself. I’ll never understand that.

After I did chest I moved over to the leg press and he moved himself to where I had been. I felt pretty good about myself. I can honestly say I even pushed myself a little harder than I normally do. I wanted to show him that I knew what I was doing and I wasn’t just some girl playing with weights. Maybe guys don’t think that way at all but I always imagine they do.

I’ve been doing really well with my eating this week. I’m loving wraps right now. This one has hummus, baby greens, oven roasted turkey and turkey bacon. I would prefer chips over carrots any day but tonight we’re having pasta so I’m saving my carbs for that.

I’ve also been trying to grab protein bars instead of candy or dessert. I was excited to find this Dark Chocolate Peppermint Think Thin Bar. It’s pretty delicious and it curbs my sweet tooth. We're going to Disneyland on Sunday so I'm definitely going to bring one of these along with me.

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