Dec 26, 2014

The Perfect Christmas

I apologize in advance. This post is going to be extra long and filled with tons of photos and videos! There are so many great things to share. I always have an amazing Christmas but this one may have been my absolute favorite. Let me say that I am so extremely grateful for my family and my fiancé’s family. I can not imagine my life without my parents or my brother or my sister-in-law. And now I have this second family that has become so important and I can’t imagine my life without them either. It’s so crazy to think of our capacity to love. It’s as if it’s infinite.

On Christmas Eve my fiancé and I started at his parent’s house. We had pizza for dinner, which was oh so good! Then everyone wanted to open gifts. It’s so much fun watching our niece, Paige, open her presents. She just lights up. My fiancé and I opened our joint gifts but I kept all of mine for Christmas day. There was one gift that my fiancé had to open from his parents because it was too large for them to transport. He was given a gaming chair. I’m not quite sure on all the details but I know he’s very excited to put it in his nerd room when we get our house. Yes, I told him he can have a nerd room. I love him that much.

This year I was so thankful for the selfie stick. It's such a small thing but it helped us capture some great photos. Usually one person doesn't get in the group shot because someone has to take the photo but not this year. We got everyone in - even Grandpa!

We went to my parent’s house late Christmas Eve and we spent the night there so that we could open presents early Christmas morning. I could barely breathe all night because I was so congested. I woke up before everyone else to make a hot tea. I was able to snap a photo of the tree and all the gifts before we distributed them. This was our first year opening presents with the six of us. Last year I was with Stephen’s family Christmas morning and every other year prior to that it was only my dad, my mom, my brother and me. It was really nice having Stephen and Erin there.

I was given a lot of great gifts but my favorites came from my fiancé. They were all so thoughtful. He gave me some panda dishes that I had seen while we were in Idyllwild in October. He had his best friend, who lives there, buy them for him and then he gave them to me for Christmas. I had completely forgotten about them so it was a nice surprise when I unwrapped them. He gave me another rose gold Michael Kors ring with a lock on it, a milk frother for my Bulletproof coffee and a new camera so I can start doing vlogs again! He also gave me some Breaking Bad t-shirts.

My parents bought my fiancé an Xbox One. He’s been wanting one for so long and he actually had the money saved in his sock drawer but I told him he needed to wait and see what Santa brought him before buying one himself. 

My parents bought my brother a PS4. We wanted to prank my him though so we let Stephen open his Xbox and then my parents gave my brother a $200 gift card to Best Buy to put towards his PS4. Then a little while later there was a knock at the door and a gift from Santa appeared, which was my brother’s PS4. We all thought it was hilarious. He wasn’t as amused.

We gave my brother and sister-in-law an electric kettle, a coffee press and matching mugs with their initials.  

I gave my fiancé tickets for us to see Alton Brown in March. We went to see him last October and I have never seen my fiancé laugh so hard. When I heard Alton was coming back to Southern California I knew I had to take my him again.

I gave my mom a heart necklace that said “Love, Keith”. My dad sent me a picture of my mom’s last Christmas card from her brother and I had a lady custom make the necklace with his handwriting. I’m so glad she loved it.


Once again, we used the selfie stick.

The Saldaña Family ♥

Stephen was testing out my new camera.

I love this man more than words can say. I can’t wait for 2015 to get here so I can become his wife.

My beautiful mommy.

Nashy wore his bow tie for the special occasion.

When Stephen’s family arrived we ate lunch/dinner and opened more presents. I love how good my fiancé is with his niece. I CAN NOT wait to see him as a daddy.

The Meyer Family ♥

And the handsome Meyer brothers.

I thought we were going to end the evening with dessert but our parents had other plans. They brought out champagne for everyone and surprised Stephen and I with a toast to our engagement. I ended up bawling like a baby but it was a really sweet gesture. I’m really nervous for our wedding now. If I was this emotional for a little toast, I can only imagine how much I’ll cry on our wedding day.

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