Jan 6, 2015


I’ve done iifym in the past but most days I would realize that I wasn’t going to hit my protein goal or I was going to go over my carbs and I would just give up. This time I am determined to be successful with it. Why? Because I don’t like restricting myself. Once I tell myself I’m going to give up chocolate all I can think about is chocolate. I do so much better when I can eat everything in moderation and when I track what I eat. I wanted to document a day in the life of iifym for all of you. I may end up doing this once a week. Mostly to hold myself accountable.

I use iifym.com to get my macros. I’m going to stick with these numbers for two weeks and see how it goes. IF I don’t see any changes I may consider having a coach calculate my macros for me. I read a lot of blogs and I am in some fitness groups on Facebook and I have found that pretty much every other person in the world gets to eat more carbs than protein. I’m not sure why mine always comes out with the protein higher. I have a really hard time hitting my protein goal most days. I spent a lot of time on Pinterest last night searching for high protein meals. Like I said, I am determined to make this work.

I chose to go aggressive. #sheddingforthewedding I’ll be staying around 1900 calories BUT if I go under or over I won’t be too concerned. The main thing to focus on is hitting my macros, not calories. 

Yesterday morning I ate two maple chicken sausage links, a slice of rosemary sourdough bread with a little bit of ghee, yogurt, water and of course my Bulletproof coffee.

I ended up studying for most of the day at Starbucks so when I got hungry I tried to make the best choice possible. I forgot how much I love their turkey bacon sandwiches. I also had an iced coffee with cream.

I was hungry again around 2 so I snacked on a Think Thin bar.

When I got home from Starbucks I made a protein shake.

I completely forgot to take a photo of my dinner. I ate lightly breaded chicken breast from Fresh & Easy, an Italian sausage link and Caesar salad. Totally random but it was pretty good.

After dinner I still had 20 grams of protein, 17 grams of carbs and 7 grams of fat to eat. I went downstairs and I noticed that a Greek yogurt had 15 grams of protein in it. Perfect! I decided to add PB2 and a tablespoon of dark chocolate chips and BOOM! I hit my macros.


I went over my carbs by 3 grams and my protein by 1 gram but I am totally okay with that. Let’s see if I can continue to hit my protein goal day after day. 

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  1. Great job hitting your macros! +/-5 is what "they" say, so you are right on! A lot of people also suggest using suggested instead of aggressive, so maybe that's why your protein is higher? That is a complete guess, though! I have been doing iifym since the beginning of December and have had some great progress. Hope it works for you! :)

  2. Awesome job!! I am on week to of IIFYM and LOVING it!!!! :)