Jan 9, 2015

Life Planner

Alright. I’ll admit it. I’m obsessed with my Erin Condren Life Planner. It is perfect for me. I have to write everything down. Even with all the amazing technology we have now, I still prefer to see everything on paper in my own handwriting. I have all my planners going back to college. Sometimes I use them for reference.

This was the most I’ve ever spent on a planner but I figured if I’m going to spend a little more then this would be the year to do it. 2015 will be a huge year for me and I need to stay organized. I did some shopping around and I even watched YouTube videos before I purchased. I wanted to make sure I was making the right decision. I can tell you now that I definitely did.

I chose to get Heather Saldaña Meyer on the cover because for the last quarter of the year I will be a Meyer. I really like the way it looks and sounds.

Decorating my planner has been the best part. I found some really cute stickers on Etsy and I did order a couple coffee cups, scales and dumbbells. I really wanted to buy more but my cart had gotten up to $41 and I couldn’t justify spending that much on stickers. The shipping is what kills me.

Yesterday I was with my mom and I was telling her how I am in need of stickers. We ran into Hobby Lobby but I only found a couple things. One being Barbie stickers for my niece. While we were at Hobby Lobby my mom told me, “I think I may have a box of stickers at home. You should look at them.” She pulled it out for me when we got back to the house and I was surprised to find they were all my stickers from high school! I said, “Mom, I think these are mine.” She said, “I know. You should take them.” I am so happy that she saved these for me!!! The box was filled with cute cowboy boots, Tennessee stickers and so much more.

I’ve also discovered Washi tape. I had no idea what this stuff was before I got my planner. Now, I love it! My favorites are the keys, the arrows and the cameras. I found the keys at Joanne’s and the arrows and cameras at Hobby Lobby.

Here are a couple pages that I’ve written in and decorated so far.

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