Jan 14, 2015

Macro Love

I wanted to update ya’ll on how iifym is going for me. I realized that maybe some of you may not be familiar with iifym so let me briefly explain. iifym or if it fits your macros is basically eating to meet your daily requirements of fat, carbohydrates and protein. Everybody’s numbers will be different. It all depends on your body’s needs, how much you work out and what your goals are. I used iifym.com to figure out what my macros were. This is a really great eating plan for anyone who wants flexibility. In fact, iifym is know as flexible dieting or reverse dieting. But if you aren’t okay with weighing your food and tracking every bite you take then this isn’t the diet for you. I will say the first day or two may be a bit tedious but after that I found it to be fun. It’s kind of like a game to me and so far I don’t hate it.

I’ve been doing iifym for nine full days now. I hit my macros six of those days, one of them I actually went over my protein goal. One day I only hit my protein and the other two days were kind of cheat days. I tried to track as much as I could but we ate out those two days and that always makes tracking a little more difficult. I need to get used to looking up nutrition facts online beforehand. I keep track of the days that I hit and don’t hit my macros in my day planner. This way I can go back and hold myself accountable if I don't see any progress.

So far I’m down 4.8 pounds but I think most of that was holiday bloat. I also don’t want to focus too much on the scale. It can really mess with my mind.

Here’s what another full day of iifym looked like for me.

I experimented a little and used Greek cream cheese instead of ghee (clarified butter) on my waffles. Less fat and more protein. I am so glad I did. It was delicious! I’ve also never tried the Walden Farms syrup before. It was pretty decent. Breakfast came out to 14.2F/30.3C/19P.

My usual morning coffee with half a cup of unsweetened almond milk and Stevia. We found a caramel flavored Stevia finally! Came out to 1.5F/0C/.8P.

For lunch I made a grilled cheese. It’s still so crazy to me that I can eat grilled cheese and not gain weight. I weigh out the cheese beforehand. I used a quarter cup of fat-free mozzarella and .25 ounces of cheddar cheese.

I ate half of my grilled cheese before I remembered to snap a photo. Lunch came out to 14.2F/28C/16.8P.

For a snack I had iced coffee with 4 tablespoons of fat free half and half. I usually have two to three cups of coffee a day. I think it’s more out of habit now. I put my cup on the food scale, set it to zero and then I add the cream to weigh it out. I learned that grams and mL are equal. My coffee came out to .1F/6C/2.6P.

This is where I do my work now. And where I drink my water and my coffee. I love my new cups from my fiancé. They are just so pretty and they are each 24 ounces so it helps me get my water in…and my coffee.

For dinner I ate the same thing as the night before but I made a few changes. Ground turkey with enchilada sauce, Mexican blend cheese, baby greens and a few tortilla chips. I weighed it all, even the baby greens. My fiancé made fun of me a little. Basically it was enchiladas without the tortillas or I guess you could call it taco salad. It’s so good! Came out to 27F/9C/47.4P.

I’ve learned that I can definitely spread my carbs out a little more through out the day. I am always afraid that I won’t have enough so I try to be stingy with them, especially at dinner. Last night I was SO FULL after dinner and I was actually dreading dessert. I mean, who does that? I’m not being dramatic when I say I had to eat a Quest bar, half of a Muscle Brownie and a protein shake. They helped me hit my macros but I had to eat and drink them all so slowly. For the Quest bar and half of the Muscle Brownie it was 14F/40C/31P.

My protein, caramel latte, is really sweet on its own so I add a little coffee to it. Right before bed. Yep, that’s what I do. Came out to 2F/4C/31P.

So there it is. Another successful day on iifym. I did go over my protein but I’m not going to worry about that. I also had 188 calories left. Most of the days that I hit my macros I have calories left over. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. I think if my weight loss stalls I may need to focus more on higher calorie foods in order to hit my calorie goal as well. Next week will be the two week mark and iify.com suggests sticking to your macros for two weeks before changing anything so I’ll evaluate it all next week.

*After I wrote out this entire blog, I decided to look back on last weeks post to see if I had improved on my sodium and fiber intake. I am happy to report that I have improved on both, especially my sodium intake. I also noticed that my macros were different. I have no idea what happened but myfitnesspal kept my calories the same and adjusted all of my macros. I’m not sure which day this happened and I’m a little annoyed. Maybe this happened because I changed my weight and because there was a drop it automatically alters your macros? I’ll have to do a little research because I don’t want this happening every time my weight changes. So, I’ve been hitting my macros but my myfitnesspal macros, not my iifym.com macros. I’ll figure this out and report back later.

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