Feb 5, 2015

Food, Love and Hair

I’m not counting macros at the moment. I’m just eating as close to the Whole 30 as I can right now. As my wedding gets closer my diet will become more and more strict but for now my trainer doesn’t want me going crazy. I told him I can get pretty cranky when I’m deprived of certain foods (mostly the sweetener in my coffee). I’ve been staying with my parents the last couple of days because my fiancé went to Las Vegas on business. I missed my fiancé like crazy…but I had the luxury of eating my dad’s cooking again. 

This was just the setup of our dinner one evening. So much color. Everything was delicious.  We made salads with strawberries, kiwis, oranges, avocado, walnuts and homemade poppy seed dressing (that my mother-in-law made).

We ate those salads with grilled chicken, grilled pineapple and potatoes. These are red potatoes. I sliced them and laid them out on a cookie sheet. I sprinkled a little olive oil on top and added garlic and salt. I cooked them for about 30 minutes. They were perfect!

My new favorite snack is plantain chips with organic garlic hummus. I’m going to have to get my fiancé to make me some homemade hummus, until then I’ll stick to the organic hummus from the store.

For breakfast yesterday my dad made me eggs and turkey bacon. He also washed and prepped tons of fruit for me to choose from. I added one rice cake with hummus to my plate. Coffee with almond milk and stevia, as well.

Can we please talk about my new tumbler for a moment? I saw this on someone’s Instagram about a month ago. She said that she ordered it on Starbucks.com and I went there immediately but I was sad to find that it was no longer available. I’ve been checking the website daily hoping that they’d get more in stock. Well, I walked into a Starbucks on Tuesday and there it was! I was one happy girl! I am absolutely in love with the gold trim. 

I also got my hair done this week. Here’s my before and after. She lightened up my roots and put more blonde on my ends. My hair has a natural red tint to it so she needed to add a toner. The blonde should lighten up a bit after I wash it with my purple shampoo. I hadn’t gotten my hair done since July. I need to definitely go more often now that the wedding is approaching.

Four days away from this guy is way too long!

I met with my trainer early this morning and we did legs. He has a thirty minute run scheduled for me tomorrow. I told him that was cruel but he said it will help with the soreness. I trust him. We’ll see how it goes. 

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