Feb 27, 2015

Twenty-Eight on the Twenty-Eighth

Twenty-seven  was both exciting and challenging • I learned so much about myself and I had to make some major life changing decisions • My fiancé and I moved twice this past year for his job • I loved our time alone in the desert but it’s so nice to be back home and closer to our families • I left a job that no longer made me happy with no backup plan • I took a leap of faith and I’m happy to say that everything worked out for the best • God was definitely on my side in that situation {in fact, He’s always on my side} • We lost my Uncle • He was taken from us way too young and it’s hard to understand why • I just have to remind myself that everything happens in God’s timing • The love of my life proposed to me • We began planning our wedding and we will be married on October 25th of this year • I fell deeper in love with fitness and nutrition • I started lifting weights regularly and I saw some great changes in my body • I pursued my passion for fitness and nutrition and became a certified personal trainer; something my twenty year old self would have never even considered doing

The most valuable lesson I have learned in this past year is that I have to find my own bliss •  As difficult as this life may be at times, there are still so many wonderful things about it • Forget about the negative and focus on the positive • We can’t take one moment for granted • I am looking forward to all the
 beauty twenty-eight will bring


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