Feb 10, 2015

Weekend Workouts

I was going to post this blog yesterday but the request for a tutorial became priority. Now back to our regularly scheduled program. I’ve been working out A LOT. I mean, I’m been pretty active but I didn’t have a gym membership for almost a month there right after we moved so it feels so good to be back at it again. Thursday I did legs with my trainer and I mentioned in my blog last week that he pretty much killed me. As hard as I work when I’m by myself I always work harder when I’m with him. I told him, “This is why I hired you.” Friday he had a thirty minute run scheduled for me. When I woke up on Friday morning I could barely move. I kept thinking to myself, “There is no way I can run today” but I made myself do it. I had to. It's one thing when you don't do something but it's a whole different story when you have to go to someone who is holding you accountable and admit that you didn't even try.


I created a new 30 minute playlist on my phone. New music always motivates me and I would know I had to keep running until the playlist ended. I also used my new Cordskinz. These little babies are amazing and they make a huge difference. No more tangled up headphones! And they are pink glitter. I can never turn down pink glitter.

I ran thirty minutes nonstop. I was surprised I actually finished. I always surprise myself when it comes to strength and endurance. I don’t think I actually ran three miles in thirty minutes. My Fitbit tracks my steps and mileage from the moment I wake up. I’m thinking it was more like two and a half miles but I’m still very happy with that. I wasn’t trying to get in a certain amount of mileage or beat any time. I just wanted move nonstop for thirty minutes.

I spent the remainder of Friday relaxing. Our niece came over and she insisted on watching TV with us in our room. We can never say no to her precious face.

I took a rest day on Saturday. I was struggling to move. I was pretty much telling myself off for not keeping up with leg days the last month. I hobbled around though. We took my niece to the mall to get her ears pierced. That was quite an experience. I got a little emotional when she started crying. I’m going to be a mess when I have my own children.

My fiancĂ© and I went to the gym together on Sunday. I like going to the gym by myself but I love going to the gym with him. We rarely get to go together because he works so much. Oh, and check out my new Asics. I found them on clearance at Marshall’s. They feel like slippers. I love them! I can't wait to run in them. 

And cardio Monday. My legs were still sore from leg day and my biceps were sore from Sunday so yesterday I just got in a good cardio session. I went four days without making my step goal because I was so extremely sore. Yesterday was the first day I hit it again. My legs are still a little sore but I’m happy I can move again…and leg day is tomorrow. #thestruggleisreal

I am happy to report that my diet has been on point. I have been avoiding bread, pasta and dairy like the plague. I’ve been consuming only whole foods. The scale hasn’t moved but that’s okay. I trust the process. Something’s gotta give soon enough.

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