Mar 29, 2015

Benefits of Whole 30

I know that last time I wrote about the Whole 30 I may have been a little negative. I was on day eighteen and I was pretty over it. Well, I'm on day twenty-eight now and I'm still over it. Sorry, just being honest. Even though I am dying for Wednesday to roll around, I can not disregard all the benefits that have come with this thirty day journey.

I completely forgot to take photos of myself on day one but I did remember on day five. The photos below are day five and day twenty-four. I haven't weighed myself because the scale is forbidden on the Whole 30 but I definitely feel leaner. I also LOVE not worrying about what the scale says.
The other major change I have seen is in my face. I've said it over and over again but dairy is just plain evil. I always like to pretend that I'm not allergic but this time the proof is hard to ignore. The photo below was taken in December my skin was so clear! I had added dairy back in because of the holidays and I deeply regretted it. 

Allergies hit me like a ton of bricks and I had really bad breakouts on my face. I don't know why but I continued to eat dairy in January because I was counting macros and it's so much easier to hit your protein goal when you are eating protein powder, Greek yogurt and cheese. This photo was taken in January. 

And then there was the Whole 30 and I was forced to eliminate dairy completely. After a long detox period, my face finally cleared up. One day I woke up and my skin was clear and the angels sang so beautifully. Every time I crave pizza or frozen yogurt, I just need to remember how great I feel when my face is cyst and pimple free. 

Ya'll know how much I love coffee. When I first began my weight loss journey, I was drinking my coffee with artificial creamers and then I transitioned to soy milk with sweet'n low. Then there was almond milk with stevia. Lately I've been adding canned coconut milk, which is amazing and oh so creamy! During the last twenty-eight days I have been drinking my coffee black. I still prefer my coffee with a little almond milk or coconut milk but just the fact that my taste buds can handle black coffee, is quite an accomplishment in my eyes.

This past week I ran out to get an iced coffee on my lunch break. I asked for coconut milk but when I got back to work I knew something wasn't right. To me, it tasted like non-fat milk. I didn't want to risk it so I didn't drink it. I poured myself a cup of black coffee instead. I never would have done that before. 

Even though I am so tired of the food I am eating, I will press on because the benefits outweigh my boredom.

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Mar 24, 2015

La La Land

As a Christmas gift to my fiancé I bought him tickets to see Alton Brown live. This would be our second time seeing Alton. The first time was in October of 2013. I'm pretty sure my fiancé loves Alton just as much as he loves me, if not more. I put on my Spiderman shirt first, by the way. He wanted to be my twinsy. 

I don't know why anyone would want to live in LA. It is absolutely disgusting and the traffic is horrendous. Once we got to our hotel {after sitting in traffic} we decided to walk to the nearest mall where we grabbed some linner {that's lunch and dinner combined}. We saw some very interesting people. 

That's the Hollywood sign above my head. All the tourists were gathered around taking pictures so I decided to join in. 

{Side note - I am way too hard on myself. I constantly put myself down for being too heavy and not being thin enough. But what is thin enough? If I did lose more weight would I ever truly be happy with the way I look? I saw this photo of myself and I thought, "Wow! I actually look fit and trim!" Why can't I see myself that way all the time? I really need to work on that because I've come a LONG way and I should be proud.}


As my fiancé was getting his vest and jacket on I couldn't help but stare. He kept asking me, "What?" But all I could do was smile. He is just so unbelievably good looking.

You can't tell because he's in all black but he wore his brand new three piece suit for Alton. 

It was a lot of fun dressing up.

The last time I saw my fiancé laugh so hard was the last time we went to see Alton Brown. Every time I looked over at him he was smiling. I'm so glad he enjoyed himself. 

Here is Alton's photo of the audience that night. Yep, we're in there. We were on the left hand side below the balcony. 

On Sunday we went to the Grove in LA. We don't normally go shopping at the Grove, we like to spend most of our time in the farmers market behind the Grove. They have food from all over the world so my fiancé loves eating there. I enjoyed a coffee from the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. 

We took a photo in this same exact spot over two years ago now. I need to find that photo and put them side by side. 

After walking around for a bit we headed home. Yes, we sat in traffic again! We stopped for groceries and meal prepped. My fiancé helped me season my ground turkey and he made me homemade marinara for my lunches. The ground turkey is so delicious! I actually want to eat it. It tastes like Italian sausage but it's so much healthier for me. I had a request for the recipe and he was kind enough to post it on his blog. Head on over if you're interested. I'm so glad I have him around to help me get through my last week on the Whole 30. 

I apologize for not blogging as much. I love my new job but it keeps me very very busy! I'm trying to get in my workouts and spend time with my fiancé as well. 

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Mar 19, 2015

Whole 30 Slump

I'm on day eighteen now. I'm more than halfway done with my Whole 30 and I am bored! When I first decided to do a Whole 30 I was thinking of doing seven rounds in a row. My trainer talked me out of it and we agreed I would start with a Whole 60 and go from there. Well here I am on day eighteen and I can't even imagine finishing out the next twelve days!!! I don't know how I'm going to do forty-two.

I really think my new schedule is having a huge impact on my feelings because I have little to no time to make food. I did some meal prepping on Sunday but by the time Wednesday rolled around my ground turkey and broccoli didn't sound good anymore. During the week I have an hour drive to work {it won't be this way for too much longer}, a nine hour work day and then I hit the gym on my way home. I leave the house at 7:30am and I don't get back until 8pm or later.
I'm going to keep keepin' on because I'm so close to being done. I may change my mind as day thirty approaches but as for right now, I'm thinking I'll go right back into iifym when I'm done with this round. I may wake up tomorrow and feel completely different. 

I actually just opened up the Whole 30 timeline and saw that this is totally normal for someone on day twenty-one. I guess I'm a little early but it's nice to know it's okay to feel this way. I guess we'll see where I'm at tomorrow. And until then, I'll eat my broccoli and ground turkey without complaining. Below are some photos from my eats over the last few days. I do a lot of eating on the road or at my desk now. 

The good thing is that my face has finally cleared up! I am vowing to myself that I will never ever ever eat dairy again. It's not worth it. I am obviously dairy intolerant. 

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Mar 17, 2015

Nerdy Thirty Surprise Party

I came up with the idea to do a Nerdy Thirty surprise party last Summer. I knew I wanted to do something special for my fiancé's birthday. Everyone does "Dirty Thirty" but I had no desire to go with that theme. My fiancé will be the first to admit that he's a nerd. He loves anything Spiderman, Star Wars and Dr. Who. One day "Nerdy Thirty" came to my head and I knew I had to run with it. I started talking to his best friend's wife, Sam, to see if she'd want to do a joint party with me. {His best friend turned thirty on March 1st and my fiancé turned thirty on March 6th. So their birthdays were only days apart.} 

After months of swapping ideas and pinning on a secret Pinterest board the big day had finally arrived. My mother and father-in-law allowed us to take over their home. Sam told her husband that I was throwing a surprise party for Stephen and we'd need him to occupy him for the day. He had no idea that the party was for him as well. The guys went shooting for the day while Sam, my mother-in-law and myself prepped the house and the food.

I should mention that these guys have been good friends for years. They met in middle school and they've been inseparable since. There are some photos on the timeline of them together in high school.

Sam came up with the idea to make their names out of Lego's. Her son was not too happy she borrowed his Lego's but they turned out great! 

All the toys we used as decorations were laying around the house already. Not necessarily in the same spots they were in for the party.

The light sabers were also Sam's creation. They were utensils wrapped in napkins. 

I can't take credit for the cake pops or Nintendo cake either. That was all Sam. She's REALLY creative! 

My mom and Stephen's mom both ended up in Ninja Turtles tshirts. 

While we waited for the guys to arrive my mom Face Timed my sister-in-law in Washington. She wanted to be a part of the SURPRISE! 

This was me waiting anxiously by the window. I was DYING! My stomach was in knots. I told everyone, "I am never doing this again." I just wanted everything to be perfect.

The good news is that Stephen was very surprised and Scotty was surprised that the party was for him as well. 

The two birthday boys! Scotty was happy he didn't have to smile.

Paige sure does love her Uncle Stephen.

My parents.

My second set of parents.

Stephen, his dad and his niece.

Whenever Uncle Stephen is around, Paige clings to him. I love watching him with her because I can see how good of a dad he's going to be.

We made them go in slow motion so we could get a good photo. 

And then Paige helped Uncle Stephen open his presents.

The party turned out great and I have Sam to thank. There is no way I could have done it without her.

Stephen's birthday celebration is still not over. We will be going to LA this weekend to see Alton Brown {for the second time}. You only turn thirty once!

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