Mar 5, 2015

Whole 30 {Round Two} Day Four & Other News

I am still not feeling any major side effects. Still just the breakout on my chin and I did feel a little drowsy in the afternoon just like yesterday. Other than that I feel great! I did eat a little more today because I worked out with my trainer and I knew he was going to push me. I woke up at 5am and left the house at 6 to be at my gym at 7:15 so I could get in a 15 minute warmup. I drank coffee with canned coconut milk and ate an RX Bar on my way over. 

About an hour after my workout I was a little hungry so I ate some bell peppers.

A few minutes later I was still hungry so I ate another RX Bar. {I realize that RX Bars are not the best pre and post workout meals but I was away from home.}

I had a jam packed afternoon and before I knew it it was 2 and I hadn't eaten lunch. I was starving and I was still away from home. I ate out again {second time in two days}. I chose breakfast for lunch just because I figured I could get the most protein with breakfast. I ordered ham and eggs {not pictured} and I was not even able to finish my food. It was way too much. I also drank an iced coffee with canned coconut milk in the late afternoon when I started feeling drowsy. For dinner I was finally home! Chicken Italian sausage, celery and blackberries because I hadn't had any fruit. 

I have some other news to share with ya'll real quick. I was offered a job which I am very excited about. I was actually referred by a friend and former co-worker. I filled out paperwork and spent some time in the office today. Everyone is really great and I'm really excited to work with my friend again! I will be going out of town on Sunday {about a four hour drive} to attend training. I'll be staying in a hotel Sunday and Monday evenings and I'll be heading home Tuesday. This is going to make the Whole 30 a little challenging but I am going to make it work! And I will take you all along with me, of course. Here's to new beginnings! 

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