Mar 15, 2015

Whole 30 {Round Two} Recap of Days Nine Through Fourteen

Well folks, last week was officially INSANE. I did a lot of traveling. I started my new job {which I LOVE, by the way}. And I threw my fiancĂ© and his best friend a surprise Nerdy Thirty party with a lot of help from his best friend's wife {more on that in tomorrow's blog}. I am happy to report that I ate compliant through all the craziness. I wasn't able to eat the most nutritious foods and I did consume a lot of bars. But I did the best I could. Below are tons of food and drink photos from the last six days of my Whole 30.

This was unsweetened Passion Tea with blueberries thrown in. I purchased the blueberries at Starbucks.

I told you I ate a lot of bars. 

I had to share a photo of my desk with ya'll because I've never had my own desk at work. I've had a teller window but that doesn't count in my eyes. My department is expanding {which is why they hired me} so in a few weeks I will actually have my own office, which is something I've definitely never had! I feel so grateful to be in this new job. I already feel right at home and my team is amazing! 
New selfie mirror at my new job. 

We work an alternate schedule. Monday through Thursday 8:30-6 and Friday 8-12. Monday through Thursday can feel very long and I usually drink 2-3 cups of coffee a day. I had no time to shop for canned coconut milk so out of desperation I tried black coffee. I was surprised to find out that I actually enjoyed it! I see that as a huge non-scale victory. I can tell my taste buds are changing and that makes me very happy. I will still drink my coffee with coconut milk when I have the option though.

We have a lot of Spiderman and Batman plates leftover from the party yesterday. This morning for breakfast I made eggs with chicken sausage and I had blackberries on the side.

I did a lot of meal prepping today. I wanted to make sure I was ready for my week. I'm planning on hitting the gym on my way home every night so I made sure to prep dinners too. I'll probably eat between work and the gym. I wish I could go to the gym in the mornings since I'm more of a morning person but my gym doesn't have showers. If this routine doesn't end up working out I may become a member of a second gym. I made egg muffins with chicken sausage for my breakfasts. 

I made ground turkey and broccoli for my lunches. This is the one meal that I'm worried about actually getting down. I chose ground turkey because I know it's healthy but I also know after a few days of this I may gag just thinking about it. 

I also prepped chicken sausage with zucchini for my dinners. I'm going to try avoiding potatoes this week. I think I may have been relying on them a little too much. I also made homemade ranch dressing. I'm waiting for that to thicken a bit and I'll probably eat it with celery. I also roasted some cashews in the oven so I can have those handy if I need a snack.

My  fiancĂ© made some homemade pesto for me. It's compliant, don't worry. My dinner for tonight looks a little gross but it's actually delicious. Chicken breast and broccoli covered in pesto. Mmmmm mmmmm good! 

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