Apr 13, 2015

IIFYM Update

Oh. My. Goodness. I can not even begin to tell ya'll how busy I've been. We moved again! We're now staying with my parents because my fiancé was offered a store in San Diego. In order to cut down on his commute, we had to relocate. This works out great for me because now I live in the same city that I work in! This should make it really easy for me to get my workouts in, right? Yeah, I'm still trying to figure out why I haven't been making it to the gym as often as I should be. But I'm not going to get down on myself! I've been trying to stay on top of my diet. Tracking everything I eat is hard some days but I know it will pay off. Here's one of my breakfasts...that I ate at my desk. And I really need to put a picture in that frame. 

I've been wanting to try C4 pre-workout for a really really long time now. I finally ordered it. I chose the pineapple flavor because well, it's pineapple! I love it. It reminds me of Smarties. Remember those candies? They were always one of my favorites. I also think sugar free Red Bull kind of tastes like Smarties. Hmmmm. 

I went to work out with my trainer on Friday. I usually see him on Thursdays but I had to go up north for my job so it had to be pushed back. Anyways, he killed me. It was leg day and I'm pretty sure I complained the entire time. I asked him, "I deserve a vanilla cupcake, right?" I didn't even want a cupcake but leg day had me talking all crazy. He just laughed. He told me I could have a glass of wine but I ended up getting an iced coffee instead. 

I did a little grocery shopping after the gym on Friday evening and I found some goodies. Boom Chicka Pop lightly sweet popcorn was on sale for $1 bag so naturally I stocked up.

I also bought a Complete Cookie. I forgot these are vegan so they will come in handy when I'm craving chocolate. They have 16 grams of protein but because the carbs are so high I'll probably cut the cookie in half. 

My fiancé requested a lot of veggies for dinner on Friday. I don't normally like zucchini but I'm trying so hard to get into it. I sautéed these in a pan with garlic and salt. They were actually really good. I still don't like the texture but I'm hoping I'll get used to it soon. 

I've been watching The Daily Marissa Lace and she follows iifym as well. She mixes zucchini in with her hash browns for breakfast. I thought that was brilliant! And it turns out, it's delicious! 

The macros for this meal are pretty good too. 

It's a new week and I am so excited to get back to the gym. I'm vowing right now that I will go five times this week.
Hold me to it? 
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