May 5, 2015

Sunday Prep Makes Life Easier

The last couple of Sundays I have been extremely lazy, only leaving my bed for coffee or food. The result of that is I'd spend the entire week trying to catch up and we'd end up eating out at least five times. I realized that had to end so I spent this past Sunday meal prepping. 

I ordered this perfect pancake maker a few weeks back and I finally opened it. I made up two batches of protein pancakes {using my non-dairy Paleo protein powder}. The pancakes really did come out perfect! But unfortunately, I don't think Paleo protein works as well as whey protein in pancakes. Oh well. I'm too afraid to try adding whey back into my diet at this time. Maybe after the wedding. 

I bought a huge pack of chicken breasts and I had my dad grill them for me on the barbecue. I also bought green beans and made a huge batch of brown rice.

I ran into Trader Joe's for a few things and I grabbed these for quick dinners. I will forgo the bun. I noticed Skinny Meg eating them with an egg on top and that actually sounds really good to me. I'm definitely going to try that. 

My schedule has been jam packed lately. The weeks fly by. We are less than six months from our wedding. I can't believe how fast it's coming. It's time for me to crack down and eat better. By the way, I do not like the new update on MyFitnessPal. Here's a look at my breakfast. I like to eat at my desk. Four protein pancakes, water and coffee with almond milk. Keeps me satisfied until noon.

I discovered THE perfect drink! Iced Venti Coffee with 5 pumps Sugar Free Vanilla, 3 pumps of Mocha {which I learned is dairy free!} and a splash of cold soy. I love this drink because it's mostly coffee so it's low in calories. I was getting it with Sugar Free Hazlenut, which is delicious as well, but the Sugar Free Vanilla makes it taste like chocolate milk! I love me some chocolate milk. This drink is only $2.95. Or at least here in SoCal it is. Not sure if the prices change across the country. And the macros are 140 calories. 3.3 grams of fat. 26.2 grams of carbs {a little high but it's okay if you cut back in other areas}. And 4.8 grams of protein. 

I'll leave you with a photo of the cutest dog in the whole wide world. I can't wait to hug and kiss this little guy in October. 
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