Jun 10, 2015

Doggy Searching

When I first heard Bruce is now Caitlyn, I automatically thought, "I LOVE that he spelled it with a C!" Then I saw this meme and I may have laughed out loud.

This is totally me. I apologize to everyone I text. I respond in my head a lot and then I remember a week later that I didn't actually type out the words and hit send.

Ever since my fiancé and I moved in together, we've talked about 1) buying a house and 2) getting a dog. My fiancé loves boxers and I love little fur balls so we've agreed to have one big dog and one little dog. We also decided a long time ago that we'd wait until we had a house to adopt. We didn't want to leave a big boxer locked up in an apartment all day long. Now that we have a house, we have been actively looking on adoption sites. I found a boxer last week and my fiancé went to see him on Monday. They are thinking he's between 2 and 3 years old. He's microchipped but they haven't been able to contact his owner. So if he isn't picked up by Sunday, we get to bring him home with us. I want to name him November but my fiancé isn't too fond of that name. Maybe we shouldn't name him until we find out for sure if we get to adopt him.

When he went to the shelter he also found this little fur baby! He's so stinking adorable! My fiancé was going to bring him home for me but when he went to talk to the staff he found out he's already been adopted. I was sad but I'm glad he's found his forever home. 

I also came across these two buddies on adoptapet.com. It's so cute - their descriptions each say, 'We're best friends. Please keep us together.' I was dying when I read that! I wish I could bring them both home. I'm pretty sure we need a farm so we can adopt all these doggies that are in the shelters. 

Also, I'm pretty proud of my arms. I caught my reflection in our sliding glass door last night and I had to document. They looked sculpted! 

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