Jun 8, 2015

More Housework and a Very Special Baby

Life is moving right along. We have been in our house for three weeks now. We haven't unpacked yet because we are waiting for the floors and moldings to be installed. We have a little less than five months until we get married. And we welcomed a new edition to our family. Our nephew was born on June 3rd - Logan Chase - and now all I can do is think about having a baby. 

He is perfect and even my fiancĂ© is having a bit of baby fever. He wants a dog first though. It's all he talks about. 

Friday night I met my wedding planner at Ryan Bros coffee shop, the same place where I first met my fiancĂ©. We went over all the details for our wedding. It's kind of surreal. I've thought about my wedding since I was a little girl. Now all my thoughts are about to become a reality. 

Warmer weather also means natural hair. Also, I need my hair to stay healthy since the wedding is right around the corner.

I tackled another room on Saturday. There were a few times I wanted to quit. It took a Blendicano {see my Instagram for details} and a pre-workout to get me through. 

This is our third bedroom. It will be mine for now. I'll have my vanity in here and probably my jewelry. It will be my "girly room" until a baby comes along. Then it will become a nursery. 

When I had my toothache, there wasn't much I could eat. I was living on rice and beans. It's so nice to eat a variety of foods again. 

My wedding dress is in and I put it on last weekend. It's a little loose in the waist but it fits perfectly everywhere else. I'll go back in September for alterations. It's time for me to buckle down on my eating. I'll start tracking again and I'll make it a priority to get to the gym five times a week. 

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