Jun 24, 2015


This kid. He's something else. When I was at the shelter signing adoption paperwork for him, they did let me know that he isn't go with other dogs. I didn't think anything of it. I just figured he'd need to be socialized and he'd be fine. Well, I took him out on a walk last night by myself and I have to say it was a very embarrassing, frustrating and terrifying experience. We headed to a nearby lake and it was doggy galore. He went after every single dog. Even the little itty bitty chihauhaus. I had to use all of my strength to hold him back. This happened at least fifteen times. The circulation in my hands was cut off because of how hard he was pulling his leash. It was a nightmare. 

When my fiancé called me on his way home from work, I gave him an earful. Maybe a foreshadow of what it will be like when we have kids. He called our nearby Petco to find out when they do dog training. My fiancé will be taking him on Tuesday. I hope things will get better.

He's a really good dog otherwise. He pretty much listens to everything we say except when there's another dog around. Hopefully Petco can work some wonders. I tried taking some selfies with him tonight but he just kept licking me. Maybe Petco can train on selfies too? 

By the way, I promise this won't end up being a doggy blog. Back to our regularly scheduled programming tomorrow. Also, I made our first mortgage payment this morning. Ouch. That hurt. 

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