Jun 16, 2015

We're Parents!

When my fiancé and I met, he was unsure about whether or not he wanted children...but he has always known he wanted a dog. Or two. He absolutely loves Boxers and he's talked about getting one for a long time. He grew up with Boxers and he's always had a dog in his home. I never felt it was fair to have a big dog in a little apartment so I told him as soon as we got our house, we could also get a dog. As soon as we were in escrow, I signed up on an adoption site - adoptapet.com. I received emails every time a dog came into a nearby shelter that matched what I was looking for. There were several boxers but none were the one. And then we saw this guy and we just knew. 

My fiancé went to the shelter to see him last week and fell in love. He wasn't able to adopt him yet though. The Boxer was micro chipped and the shelter was waiting to see if they got a hold of his owners before putting him up for adoption. My fiancé put a deposit on him anyways. Sunday was the two week mark and he was officially up for adoption. I took a drive to the Ramona Humane Society to meet him and he just stole my heart. As soon as I walked up to his kennel, he started smiling and jumping up and down. I said, "Hi baby!" and he barked back at me. It was meant to be. 

They allowed me to take him outside for a few minutes. It was his first time outside in TEN days! Broke my heart to hear that. He was so excited. He kept running around and he was mesmerized by the cow and donkey nearby. 

My mother-in-law made him pose for a photo so we could send it to daddy. He was not happy. He was like, "Mom, I just want to play!" 

And then he winked at me when I let him run around again. I was not able to take him home with me on Sunday but he is officially ours. He has to get neutered next week at their animal hospital. After that we can bring him home. His surgery is scheduled for June 25th - that's always been a sad day for me because it's the day Michael Jackson passed away. So if I'm able to turn that day into a good one, I will be grateful. 

His name will be Vader and his grandparents {my parents} have already bought him a gift. His very own tag.

And my fiancé and I found him the perfect collar. We bought him the collar, some toys and his food and water bowls even before we knew for sure we could adopt him. All we need is a bed and food. He'll be so loved. 
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