Jun 14, 2015

Weekend Work {Not Done By Me}

We decided to wait to officially move in until the flooring had been put in. So for nearly a month now my fiancé and I have lived in a house with only our mattress in it. All our other furniture is still in our POD on our driveway. After this weekend, that can finally change. Here are the before photos... 

This is what our house looked like Friday afternoon. 

We slept in the dining room on Friday night because the rest of our house was just concrete. When we're old & grey and still madly in love, I remember the night we slept in the dining room. It was actually a neat experience. We ate dinner and then sat down on our bed to watch Orange is the New Black. It was like we had our own little studio apartment. 

The guys showed up bright and early on Saturday morning to get started. I do have to say that I've never been fond of wood floor. I grew up with carpet and tile. My fiancé manages a store that sells wood floor so it was a given that we'd have wood in our home one day. I remember when we first started dating - I'm pretty sure it was New Years Day 2013 to be exact. I went to bring lunch to Stephen while he was at work. He asked me which floor I would choose for my future home and I'm pretty sure he was testing me to make sure we were compatible. All the doubt I had about getting wood floors went right out my sliding glass door when I saw what our master bedroom looked like. I am so in love with our flooring!!! 

Because it took so long for them to do all the prep work, they were only able to install the master bedroom on Saturday. But they were right back at 7:30 on Sunday morning. This time the tile guys joined in on the fun. This is what my dining room looked like at 8:30. 

And by 5:00, this is what it looked like. I can not even describe how much I love this tile. The fact that it has Barn Wood in the title may have something to do with it. This tile will be in the kitchen, dining room and eventually the bathrooms {when we tackle those}. 

And this is what the rest of the house looks like. 

We ran out of flooring so there is a little tiny piece left. My fiancé will bring more flooring home and it will be installed very soon. 

Don't mind the dust. That will all get cleaned up after the grout is done on the tile. Hopefully by the end of this week, the base boards and casing around the doors will be installed. I am looking forward to moving our furniture inside. Don't worry, more photos to come! Also, I have very exciting news to share tomorrow...stay tuned. 

PS - I graduated from college six years ago. Time has flown by! 

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